7 hidden questions of every PayPlans users?

Notice the small thing. The rewards are inversely proportional.

“Choti choti magar moti baatein” - it seems true if you are using PayPlans. From so past experience we understand that PayPlans is a big bucket of features in which user won’t get focused on every point, but there are some small special features which leads to deeper value in your membership site. In today’s blog we are coming up with proper solutions of 7 most hidden question that come to user’s minds!!

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Notification Emailer In PayPlans.

A Proactive Approach To Client Communication.

Are you part of a community dealing with consumer satisfaction or helping them out? Are you sincere enough for your client’s need? If it is true then PayPlans has a solution for your specific needs. It will help you in connecting with your subscribers effortlessly.

Considering a simple scenario.

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PayPlans 2.x Series Has Reached The End Of Life

Sayonara, PayPlans 2.X series.

As mentioned earlier in our PayPlans roadmap, we have come forth to announce the end of life for PayPlans 2.x series. The 2.x series of PayPlans was launched back in July 2012. Since then this series has been through rigorous development.

Now, it’s time to bid farewell to the 2.x series. It has served our users a lot but due to advancement of new technologies as well as Joomla the possibilities of further development are diminishing in it. So, we have collectively decided to put the 2.x series of PayPlans at rest.

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PayPlans Roadmap

Layout of the upcoming months, dedicated in PayPlans 3.2 development.

We are back again with a fresh vision and a set of new goals for the PayPlans development. This year we have decided to change the roadmap announcements slightly. Until the last year's end the roadmap blogs were becoming quite bulky for a reader to read effortlessly.

This year we have decided, not to publish a unified roadmap for all. It means that each and every product will be dedicated it's own roadmap. We believe that it will definitely ease up our readers to compile as well as keep trace of the development process effortlessly. Moreover the user will not have to go through the roadmaps for all the products. Now, you will be able to choose what you wanna know.

Also we are abolishing the quarterly roadmap system. Every published roadmap will have its own timeline to follow. once the timeline ends we will move on to the next one with new objectives and experiences. I believe the decision makes some sense ☺.

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Ready Bytes presents PayPlans 3.1.2 Stable

PayPlans' latest stable release is now live !

Welcome aboard friends! Please join us today on the launch of the second stable iteration, in the PayPlans 3 series.

The beta version of PayPlans 3.1 was released on 12th February 2014, for the real time testing and bug squashing. Over the span of weeks starting right from the beta release, we have fired more than 100 test cases and squashed 135 bugs to ensure a proper Ready Bytes’ standard stable release. At last we are completely satisfied and present this stable release before you.

What’s fresh in PayPlans 3.1.2 ?

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Directory listings/CCKs with PayPlans

Directory Listings….. Have you ever come across this term? Have you ever wondered about it’s benefits? Do you know that hosting a genuine directory listing can be a great revenue source for you? If the answer to all the above questions are NO then please go on, read this blog and benefit yourself with our understandings.

What is a Directory Listing?

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App-Store: A Great Boon For The Third Party Developers.

Many times earlier I had mentioned a unique name ‘PayMart’ in few of my blogs. PayMart is actually the latest App Store, designed by us for efficiently managing the apps that our products feature.

You can get to see it in action at the PayPlan's and PayInvoice’s app store, at our live website. The App-Store provides a very convenient and easy to navigate showcase for our visitors. It is also inbuilt in the PayPlans 3.1 onwards series which allows it’s user to download the useful apps as per their requirements.

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The Innovative Use Of PayPlans By Bang2Joom

Simple And Very Effective

Greetings from Lilit and the whole Bang2Joom team. Today, I am privileged to be a guest blogger on PayPlans’ must-read blog. And it feels great. We at Bang2Joom are really happy that we have found an ideal Joomla! extension to make the ecommerce experience for all our Joomla users enjoyable with the help of PayPlans.

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