JS-Addons will be supported at JoomlaXi.com

Team JoomlaXi will maintain the JomSocial Addons

Hello Friends,

In continuation to previous blog about PayPlans Acquisition by StackIdeas, I want to to update you about the future of JomSocial Addons.

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Make Your Community Website Responsive with JS Addons

JSPT, XIUS and JSPC are now compatible with Bootstrap v2

With enhancement of Joomla and Jomsocial, there is a constant evolution of JS-Addon products and approaches. If you're not fully engrossed with latest version of these, then it can be hard to keep up.

We understand that the vast majority of users traffic will originate from smart devices. The adoption of mobile device to find friends, keep in touch, and interact within community really makes your social site viral.The increased use of mobile devices is centered around responsive web design, mobile sites, and native apps. With same thoughts we had planned to make our suite of JS-Addons responsive, so that your community based website is seamlessly accessible across all devices.

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Dream comes true by taking a U turn on our decision :)

Beautiful experience to make all our JS-Addons compatible with JomSocial 4.x series

When we came to know that some big changes are coming to JomSocial product with the announcement of JomSocial 4 series, we had decided to drop support of JS Addons developed by Ready Bytes with JomSocial 4. But based on the feedback from our valuable customers, we took a U turn on our earlier decision. Today, with great support provided by JomSocial Team, we have added compatibility with JomSocial 4 to all our JS-Addons. We are also planning to add new features to JS-Addons and very soon we will send a survey to our customers to take their inputs regarding this.

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Upgrading to JomSocial 4? We too :)

JSPC, XIUS and Imp-Exp are already JS 4 compatible; JSPT is next!

As, we had promised about making our JS-Addons suite compatible, we are working on it. JomSocial has also announced release 4.0 and we are working with them on close quarters for compatibility of all JS-Addons viz. JomSocial Profile Complete (JSPC), JomSocial Import-Export (Imp-Exp), JomSocial User Search (XIUS) and JomSocial Profile Type (JSPT).

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JS-Addons will Support JomSocial 4.0

All JS-Addons (JSPT, JSPC, XIUS and Import-Export) will soon be compatible
with JomSocial 4.0 and Joomla 3.4.

Based on our customer’s valuable feedback, we have decided to make JS-Addons compatible with JomSocial 4.0. We would like to thank all our customers for sparing time from their busy schedule and providing their inputs. It helped us a great deal in taking decision regarding future development of JSPT and other JS-Addons like XIUS, Import-Export and JSPC..

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Hurry! An Imminent Change Is Coming In JomSocial Addons Subscription Duration

"The decision to incur any change in the subscription model of a product is a tough one."

- Someone not Important.

Over and over, again and again we went through our decisions, we tried considering all the aspects to generate the most feasible pricing value for all of our existing JS addon products.

Our company, Ready Bytes Software Labs, has been working hard through the years to deliver high-quality Joomla products at the lowest possible prices. Today we wish to share our understandings that we can no more avoid the growing expenses that go into the production of our products.

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Stable Release of JS Addon Pack : Save $ 67 Flat

Grab the economical bundle & get compatibility with Joomla 3 and Jomsocial 3.1.
Today's JS Addon release for Jomsocial offers our broad community of JoomlaXians an exciting look at the newest stable release in the JoomlaXi family, designed and coded for Jomsocial's latest release as well as Joomla's 3.x. 

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JSPT Compatibility with JomSocial 3.X and Joomla 3.X Series

Jomsocial has been improved and changed a lot in its upcoming 3.x series which take couple of months with very fine tuning to make this community product more robust and stable.

JSPT work as a 3rd party developer for Jomsocial and to make it work smoothly, it too required compatibility changes.

# Current version of JSPT 3.6 is not compatible with Joomla 3.1 series and Jomsocial 3 series.
It works with Joomla 2.5 and Jomsocial 2.8 series

Features and Challenges for JSPT :-

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