Removal of Wallet, A big step towards Simplicity - PayPlans 3.2

The coolest feature is to cut unwanted feature

Garima Agal , 18 September, 2014

"The Trick, isn't adding stuff, its taking away."

Mark Zukerburg

Truly belong to PayPlans 3.2 release.

Features play an important role in any PayPlans release. Since the start of our release cycle, we always tried to make PayPlans a robust and feature rich product. After experiencing our release strategy from past 4 years, we’d come up with very strong conclusion and would love to share that - "The coolest feature is to cut unwanted feature".

Features are not only what get added moreover its what shouldn’t get added, or having a knowledge to not sneak something in where it doesn’t belong eg - wallet shouldn’t be part of core process.

We had implemented Wallet as most impressive feature to make subscription system as an intelligent payment system, but we weren't able to build this feature with a modular approach. It should have been an external entity and only be there when it’s required.

With payplans 3.2 release, we have decided to remove wallet. Yes it can be considered as big step, which has both benefits and Impacts.

By what perception wallet was added to PayPlans ?

We have implemented wallet but it was not 100% complete solution.

  1. To utilize Partial payment amount during subscription process.
  2. To utilize wallet in combination with any real payment gateway.
  3. Utilize wallet as credit base system/point base system.
  4. User may consume one’s wallet amount whenever it's required.

Why wallet is being removed ?

  1. Major pinpoint strikes when we realised that we aren’t able to fulfill all major reasons for which wallet was created.
  2. Simplicity and Usability is the moving target. Application interface should be so easy that every new user understand it without referring any document section.
  3. Importantly, It sometimes makes abnormal and messy behaviour in workflow process.

Benefits of Wallet Removal :

  1. No additional /unwanted entries get created in the normal flow of payplans. As you can see in Fig. 1, that whenever amount is received from any payment gateway, then first it is credited to wallet and then gets consumed by the wallet. That means 2 additional entries get in process.

        <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img src="removal-of-wallet-a-big-step-towards-simplicity-payplans-32/workflow-of-payplans-with-wallet-entity.png" alt="Workflow of PayPlans with Wallet Entity"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Workflow of PayPlans
                with Wallet Entity</figcaption></figure><p>With removal of wallet in Payplans 3.2, both additional steps
            of credit and debit has been removed.</p>
        <p class="jpp-margin-b30">As soon as amount received, it’s invoice is marked as paid and
            subscription gets active .So, the most important benefit is no more
            unnecessary entries will be created in the basic flow and thus it
            will prove to be performance fix.</p>
        <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img src="removal-of-wallet-a-big-step-towards-simplicity-payplans-32/workflow-of-payplans-without-wallet-entity.png" alt="Workflow of PayPlans&#10;&#9;&#9;without Wallet Entity"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Workflow of PayPlans
                without Wallet Entity</figcaption></figure></li>
    <li>With the change in major workflow process,
        lots of core as well as dependent apps processing get reduced.</li>
    <li>Many users face issue that wallet amount does not consumed on
        recurring(remains in wallet either due to previous negative balance in
        the wallet or lack of proper handling of IPN Notification), no such
        issues will be there anymore. If the proper amount is received, it
        will be consumed instantly. No dependency on the wallet.</li>
    <li>There are apps which are restructured like invitex, referral
        and now they become independent of wallet. And the good news is user
        will able to access the benefits of these apps. Instead of inserting
        the amount in wallet, now coupon codes are generated which can be
        easily utilized.</li>

Impacts of wallet removal :

  1. Only those users can upgrade to latest version who are not actively using wallet based features like paybywallet app, donation app or recharge wallet feature on their site.
  2. With payplans 3.2 paybywallet, donation app and recharge wallet features has been removed.
  3. Users who have balance in their wallet from any dependent app like invitex or referral app, cannot be used. With Payplans 3.2, we have restructured invitex and referral apps, so that user can avail benefits of these apps. For more information please refer to their docs.
  4. If using “Utilize wallet for Payment / Recurring payment” setting than subscription will get expired irrespective of having amount in user’s wallet.
  5. If any user (who is actively using wallet) still want to upgrade to the latest version then wallet amount will no longer be shown and utilized.

Who should upgrade to PayPlans 3.2 ?

Payplans 3.2 is not for all those users who are prominently using wallet features. It is recommended for them to stick on PayPlans 3.1 series only.

You don’t need to worry as it’s going to be supported for an year after stable release of Payplans 3.2.

Conclusion :

Our emphasis is to encourage use of important features and hide the unused one's. We’re starting to think of an interface and process as a highly clean up things which is focused to the person using it. In past also we have hide orders, payments etc to provide interactive interface.

We are fortunate to learn the most important technique - "Reduction with Experience, improves your Maturity".

With this reduction technique, payplans 3.2 is coming with lots of other features and new apps.

Stay Tune with us :)

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