Joomla Email Configuration Verifier (JCV)

Testing Joomla Email Settings Made Easy

Team PayPlans attended Joomla Day India on February 2013. Even I was one of the attendee/speaker at the J Day celebration. Over there me and my team noticed multiple bands of people from around the world. All had the spark to contribute to Joomla within them and we were very much inspired by it.

Back home we were restless as we also wanted to do something and add value to our Joomla family. What to Do? We decided to do, what we believe we can do best - coding for Joomla and adding value to Joomla CMS.

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Welcome Message

We have got great response from Joomla community over our Welcome Message Plugin. This plugin is very useful if you want to send welcome note to your site members who have recently joined your site. Welcome message plugin simply sends auto generated message to new users similar as Gmail, Yahoo and other mailing system does.
As you all know that Welcome Message Plugin is one of the free Joomlaxi products. But, we want to highlight that this Plugin is most searchable and downloadable by our customers. Till now, Welcome Message plugin was downloaded 2000+ times with full satisfaction.
After getting this type of response from customers, we have added some very vibrant  features in this plugin.
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JoomlaXi Captcha 2.0

We had great response from Joomla community over our First Generation of Captcha System. The basic problem with last version were dependency on Template Overrides and Compatibility with different versions of Joomla Component.
We took problems in first generation system as a challenge to us, and now we are presenting a Next-Generation Robust Captcha System i.e. JoomlaXi Joomla Captcha (codename is XIJC). XIJC not only resolves the problem of previous versions, but also enable an administrator to use captcha, virtually on any page in Joomla. This way you can secure your non-standard pages, without digging into the code.
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