How to setup xdebug in Macbook

Are you facing any problems while setting up a local debug environment in Mac?
Recently I started working on MacBook, and I needed to set up a local debugging environment? Since there aren’t many tutorials on how to do it, I’ve encountered some problems on how to get the setup up and running. By combining a few blogs and spending a few hours on several forums, I came up with this text.
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How to fix Duplicate Event Listeners in Vue

Have you ever faced the problem of multiple event listeners for a single emitted event?
As an example, if I say, you have set-up listeners for notifications and instead of displaying notifications once, those are displaying twice, maybe thrice or maybe many times.
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How to handle response of chunk uploading in Dropzone.js?

The popular js media uploading library dropzone.js is quite simple to integrate. It’s document widely had all the information to add it to any project within minutes.
In our recent project, we’ve used the chunking process of dropzone which is useful in big size files uploading. In chunk uploading, you can configure how much size each chunk should upload to the server.
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How to Debug Laravel Environment variables ?

A tool that can summarise all environment variables across multiple environments, and let developers know which files are using environment variables the wrong way.

why you need to debug environment variables ?

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Are you Migrating from PHPStorm to VSCode?

List of powerful VSCode extensions to boost your productivity
In my three and a half years of short development career, I mainly used PHPStorm IDE to build projects and I can say that I was quite satisfied with PHPStorm.
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How to write test cases in Javascript?

Writing the test cases in Javascript is not nexus until we find the right way of less code with more concepts.

Is it possible to write test cases in a short time?

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How to Move Your Wordpress Site From One Server ( or localhost) to Another Server?

Simple steps to deploy existing WordPress site
Hey everyone,
  • Do you want to migrate your WordPress site to a server from localhost?
  • Do you want to move your site from one server to another?
If one of your answers is Yes then you are at the right place. This article will surely help you.

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Easiest method to Copy SSH Keys of One machine to another machine in Linux

There have been several times where we need to copy the SSH keys.
For example, In my case I want common SSH Keys between my laptop and my office machine. When I tried to google it, the result surprised me by the over complications of methods to copy SSH keys.
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10 Essential things to Start your work from home

With the pandemic coronavirus coming to our lives. We’re making sure that we’re safe and our surroundings as well. One of the important precautions is that we stop our outings and try to stay home as much as possible.
We as a Software developer are blessed with work from home facility. Many offices instruct their employees to continue their work from home. For some, it will be new and they might be thinking about “how am I going to manage it”, “Whether I will be able to do the amount of work from home I am doing in the office”, “How I will connect with the team”.
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How to Setup Docker for Laravel

Dockerize your laravel application using laradock.
Changes are, and will continue to be, a necessary part of the development of any project. As an IT engineer or developer, Have you ever spent lots of time to setup your project after updating your system or dependencies or libraries contain within it ? In these cases switching between dependencies or projects can be very time consuming. To avoid these kind of problems we have some tools that can help us and docker is one of them.
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