Free eCommerce Shopping Cart, to Start Your Online Business !!

Start selling online in just 5 mins, that’s too Free :)

Looking for a free shopping cart software to start your own online store ?

PayCart offers you all features that you need for setting up an online store and start selling. And above all, it is offered for FREE!

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Upgrade Your Joomla Site From Bootstrap v2.x To v3.x

Simplest template overrides for your Joomla! 3.3 website to make it compatible to Twitter’s Bootstrap 3.x

Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks available today. It speeds-up the development process offers several useful components like navigation, drop-downs, icons and much more. It is essentially a complete solution for creating responsive websites " you don’t need to be a CSS or HTML ninja to achieve a fluid layout with a 12-column grid.

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Make Your Brand Speak Louder with Wegy

A Revolutionary Multipurpose Joomla Template

Not so long ago, TemplateMonster started releasing its new revolutionary Joomla templates that feature a wider array of advanced functionality, compared to the standard designs. The competition is very tough on the modern web. Each brand tries to stand out from the rest with something unique and appealing, a feature that no other project has ever implemented. If you are striving to find a similar option for your business, then try Wegy. This is a multipurpose Joomla template that was developed by TemplateMonster’s creative team of professionals.

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Learned 3S from Pizza, Bug and Fun

An opportunity to contribute in Joomla - Make it better

We Ready Bytians feel really excited while working on Joomla - Pizza Bug and Fun event held on 17 Oct, 2014.

Its our belief that with every event you can learn something and if the event is of Joomla World then you can simply learn a lot. This event is a completely "Win - Win condition" for each participant.

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Best practices for maintaining Joomla website - part 2

Automatically backup your website in 3 minutes

In the first part of this Joomla Educational series, we provided some highly effective tips for choosing Hosting and Email service. In this blog, we will help you to automate your website backup in just 3 minutes using one single command.

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Best practices for maintaining Joomla website - part 1

Highly effective tips for choosing Hosting & Email Services !!


Are your building websites in Joomla ? Are you managing it professionally ? Does it require regular feature and updates ?

If your answer is Yes to above questions, then you have landed to right educational Joomla series. I will here start with first foot of building website ie how to choose hosting and email service professionally. These tips are unique as we have learned these over the years managing our own websites.

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Top 10 Reasons To Reconsider Joomla

Why we love Joomla?

We are in love with Joomla and keep developing everything in Joomla.

Many times we are asked about why Joomla is our only preferred platform for development and even requested to develop a specific functionality beyond Joomla. But, we have always discarded the idea and never ventured out aimlessly amongst different platforms. Team Ready Bytes has always strongly supported Joomla and even asks everyone to consider Joomla for achieving their dreams.

Why Joomla?

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