Action In JoomlaXi Forms

The Dawn of the year 2013 has been marked by us as A Small Step for Joomla and a Giant Leap for Forms! We are Motivated by the belief that JoomlaXi Forms will completely revolutionize the ways of form management and processing system for ever and ever -- which is why we will keep the innovation free for all. Yes, it's completely true - JoomlaXi Forms is free of cost and not only that, we have even incorporated 7 free Actions with the product

The Actions are the heartbeat for the innovation which makes the JoomlaXi form supreme.

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JoomlaXi Forms: A Small Step for Joomla and a Giant Leap for Forms!

Hello friends,

We feel very proud as well as happy to pronounce the arrival of JoomlaXi Forms to the Stable Channel for all the Joomla users. JoomlaXi Form 1.0.0 stable contains some really great improvements including a new Bucket Listing feature. You may also read about our earlier developments in the JoomlaXi Forms' Blog.

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JoomlaXi Form: Beta released

Beta is released now! It is our next step in the software release cycle of The JoomlaXi Form. The Beta release marks all the developments in JoomlaXi Form from it's earlier Alpha release including the updated version of the earlier released version to help improve the software.

What is new in this Beta? 

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JoomlaXi form : Alpha released

Hi Friends of Joomlaxi!

I'm happy to report that we've successfully deployed our latest alpha release for JoomlaXi Forms or you may call it ' Xi Forms '. Our team has been quite busy coding, testing, squashing bugs and focusing on building a fantastic user experience.

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