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Layout of the upcoming months, dedicated in PayPlans 3.2 development.

Anjan Dhar , 01 May, 2014

We are back again with a fresh vision and a set of new goals for the PayPlans development. This year we have decided to change the roadmap announcements slightly. Until the last year's end the roadmap blogs were becoming quite bulky for a reader to read effortlessly.

This year we have decided, not to publish a unified roadmap for all. It means that each and every product will be dedicated it's own roadmap. We believe that it will definitely ease up our readers to compile as well as keep trace of the development process effortlessly. Moreover the user will not have to go through the roadmaps for all the products. Now, you will be able to choose what you wanna know.

Also we are abolishing the quarterly roadmap system. Every published roadmap will have its own timeline to follow. once the timeline ends we will move on to the next one with new objectives and experiences. I believe the decision makes some sense ☺.

Our mission for PayPlans 3.2 stable release.

Yeah, a fresh stable release of PayPlans 3.2 is to arrive in the coming month of August 2014. You can expect major upgrades and improvements in this release.

Coming back to our objective, lets discuss the upcoming missions.

Dropping PayPlans 2.4 support -

Yes, the legacy code of PayPlans 2.4 will not be given any technical upgradations or support. It means that PayPlans 2.4 will be usable to the existing users but it will lack any update from us.

Please do not panic!

We are not doing it just now. Its a future reference to one of our goal. We will be commencing the act within a month or two. A proper notification will be made on our websites, concerning all the doubts about what will happen to the existing 2.4 users and what needs to be done?

New integrations onboard -

  • PayPal Advance - PayPlans will be integrated to a new version of PayPal which will is PayPal Advanced. Currently PayPlans is integrated to PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro and PayFlow.

  • BlueSnap - Another payment gateway of equal importance and prestige will be added to PayPlans quiver.

  • Bitcoin - The current rage of the world. It in very high demand and we will be providing an integration for Bitcoin usage with the bitpay API.

Also a very serious point to be noted is that bitcoin is a virtual money and to test it properly will required some help from our dear users.

We have decided to start the integration with the fixed payment system.

Flow enhancements in PayPlans 3.2 -

PayPlans has 2 major hidden entities known as the order and wallet. These entities work in the background to give a seamless working flow.

This season these triggers will be shaped up more efficiently and isolated from the regular working flow of PayPlans. The re-routing will be done with utmost care and will allow further fast processing.

Brand new apps -

PayPlans 3.2 will be glittered with few upcoming apps with unique functionalities. Let us have a peek in the future apps.

  • Extra benefit on plan purchase - This app will allow the admins to provide a giveaway on the invoice confirm screen which means that in addition to the purchase of a subscription, extra stuffs can also be given for free as an incentive or with some added value for e.g a web-hosting company, could provide extra firewall security service for some extra little charges or free, completely your wish.

  • Utilize Wallet balance completely - Currently PayPlans has a Pay-by-Wallet app, but it works only in the case of full payments for the subscription plans.

    Let me explain it more clearly - If you have some amount left in your wallet and it’s value is somewhat less than the plan price then the above app does not allow you to utilize the remaining value. The user will need to recharge or top up the wallet account to match the plan pricings and then utilize the wallet value. Above scenario will be made history by this upcoming app. It will allow our users to utilize the wallet value till the last penny. This app will work only with the fixed payment system.

  • Plan according to profile type - Advent of this app will enable PayPlans’ admins to allot plan(s) as per the individual's profile type. It means subscription plans will be automatically allocated depending upon the profile type’s choice of a user during a signup process. This app will be integrated with the leading social media components like -

  • Subscription start date app - This app will empower the admins to set the subscription start date of their users for a future use, not just activate instantly after receiving the payment. Let me clear the app’s vision with a proper example - Suppose some event is to be organized next week and I wish to sell out the tickets/subscription for that event beforehand, customers would pay this week but the subscription for the event will start from a fixed date on next week. This app will be valid for fixed payment system.

A new core feature (Limit plan usage) -

It will be the latest addition to the PayPlans core. This feature will ensure a special property in the plans. Now admins will be able to restrict the number of subscription for any specific plan.

For e.g an admin creates a new plan with 50% flat discount. Admin also wishes to set offer limit for only the first 100 subscribers. After 100 users have subscribed, the plan will no longer be available for the visitors to subscribe.

The above scenario will be easily fulfilled by PayPlans 3.2 upcoming core feature.

An important point I wish to share is that, “app versions are completely independent of PayPlans version.” So, please do not get confused if you see an app with the version number of 1.4 ☺. I would recommend you to have a look at the app-store in your PayPlans backend it will notify you if any upgrade is available for an app.

So, these were our major findings and points to be achieved in the upcoming PayPlans 3.2, scheduled to be released in the month of August 2014. I also wish to extend a very warm greetings to all of our friends who responded to our help requests and helped us design a viable roadmap for PayPlans. It is your popular demands that we have converted into our feature list. Thank You very much for helping us out and as a token of our solemn gratitude, towards your invaluable contributions to PayPlans’ Roadmap - we wish to extend your active subscription period by full 2 months . It will allow our dear users to get an advantage of flat 33$

We will personally get in touch with all of our contributors to share our goodies☺.

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