5 More Essential PayPlans Admin Hacks

More the Merrier! :)

In Addition to our previous PayPlans admin hacks, we bring you another set of these useful tips and tricks. You can use those to quickly resolve day-to-day issues of your Joomla membership website or to perform admin tasks. These are sure to take some load off your shoulders :)

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5 Life-Saver Hacks for Joomla Website Every PayPlans Admin Should Know

These Useful and Innovative PayPlans tricks can definitely save you lots of time and efforts.

1 . Extend Subscription:

  • It might have happened that your customer is arranging for the payment through the required channel and meanwhile he has requested you to extend the subscription for a day or two. Or the customer may want to adjust the discount percentage with the extension of subscription.

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Retain more Subscriber with Payplans 3.3 Stable !

Remarkable features to analyze and improve subscriber
on-boarding + Exclusive Discounts up to 50%

PayPlans 3.3 stable release is being launched on 26th March. We have been evolving our products to make it better suit your business requirements. This release is also planned with same aim and here are the highlights of the new features for you -

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6 Must Have Features in PayPlans Customer Dashboard

Create WOW!! Experience for Your Users using PayPlans 3.3

We’ve closely observed the strategy that helps us grow our membership business with PayPlans dashboard implemented at Ready Byte's site. We then took this knowledge and developed a best practices methodology that focuses on the essentials to being successful on business using frontend dashboard.

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PayPlans dashboard is getting redefined !!

PayPlans 3.3 is coming up with powerful reporting

PayPlans is rolling out a new look and feel. What does that mean? It means that it is now an admin oriented dashboard which has all required information collated and is lot more easier to use.

Dashboards and charts are the nuts and bolts of any monitoring system and we understand that productivity increases if you have all essential information at one place. So, we tried to place most of the key metrics onto PayPlans dashboard and Analytics pages.

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Rb Framework 1.1.0 Released, Do Update all dependent products

The latest news from Ready Bytes Software Labs (RBSL) is the updation in base framework ie Rb framework. RB Framework is now one step ahead to more stable and efficient framework.

Rb Framework - This is our base framework on which some of our (Ready Bytes) products depends. We start building our latest products on top of this framework. By this all major things handle at one place and get utilized in most of the products. We define this framework as Win - Win condition for developers as well as customers.

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New Eu Vat on digital services will kill online ecommerce business !!

Handle EU-VAT taxation with Payplans

Over last 30 days, we heard about new EU Vat Regulations changes, but we did not think much of it. As we belong to India and our business doesn't fall into European Taxation system. However, when we started following what this really means - we got scared. We are sorry that with this news we are going to ruined your XMas and New Year 2015 - as now this is what required for your business.

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Tips to use cloudflare with e-Commerce Sites

Cloudflare Payplans Oversight

Hundreds of Joomla sites are using Cloudflare to make their site faster with free CDN services and increase effective security with some cool features like Threat Control, Page Rule etc. Recently some of our customers face high priority issue related to payment system with our product PayPlans. The issue was that after successfully completion of payment, subscription didn't get activated.

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PayPlans 3.2 - A Business Centric membership s/w

The abstract of 6 months

This 3.2 is not just an another version of Payplans. It is collection of experience, learnings, clearance about actual buyer persona and better user experience. We realized the shortcomings, gathered our thoughts, correct them and connected all the dots to make it a better solution than yesterday.

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Removal of Wallet, A big step towards Simplicity - PayPlans 3.2

The coolest feature is to cut unwanted feature

"The Trick, isn't adding stuff, its taking away."

Mark Zukerburg

Truly belong to PayPlans 3.2 release.

Features play an important role in any PayPlans release. Since the start of our release cycle, we always tried to make PayPlans a robust and feature rich product. After experiencing our release strategy from past 4 years, we’d come up with very strong conclusion and would love to share that - "The coolest feature is to cut unwanted feature".

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