PayPlans 2.x Series Has Reached The End Of Life

Sayonara, PayPlans 2.X series.

Vivek Singh , 27 May, 2014

As mentioned earlier in our PayPlans roadmap, we have come forth to announce the end of life for PayPlans 2.x series. The 2.x series of PayPlans was launched back in July 2012. Since then this series has been through rigorous development.

Now, it’s time to bid farewell to the 2.x series. It has served our users a lot but due to advancement of new technologies as well as Joomla the possibilities of further development are diminishing in it. So, we have collectively decided to put the 2.x series of PayPlans at rest.

When & what changes will take place?

  1. Exactly 1 month from today PayPlans 2.x series will reach its end of journey.
  2. The legacy codes of PayPlans 2.x series will not be provided any technical . upgradations, bug fixes or support
  3. It means that PayPlans 2.x will still be usable to the existing users but it will lack any update from us.
  4. The only supported version of PayPlans will be the 3.x series.
  5. You can also refer to the Migration checklist document for any help.
  6. The users should contact us in case of any doubt while upgrading. We will be glad to suggest and help you.

What should you do?

The most obvious way out is to get yourself the latest stable version of PayPlans which is 3.1.4, but there are certain conditions to consider before you start upgrading on your live site:

  1. If your site is working fine and have implemented heavy customizations on your website, then you should avoid upgrading PayPlans at your site.
  2. If you do not require a responsive design and loads of other new features in PayPlans 3.x then upgrade is not an emergency for you.

Considerations while upgrading PayPlans ?

  1. You can easily upgrade PayPlans from the backend itself by using the PayPlans installer.

    PayPlans Installer Video Demonstration »

  2. It is recommended to upgrade all the previously installed apps.
  3. All the apps from PayPlans App-Store are compatible to PayPlans and Joomla 3.X series so you can relax.
  4. The upgradation process should always be initiated on the clone site first. It will save you from any mishappening. Migration in live site should only be done after successfully completion of migration at your clone site.
  5. If unable to create a clone of your website (Recommended to have a clone site) at least try saving a backup beforehand. It will help you revert back the changes easily.

These are some of the major points that I wished to share with you and I sincerely request you to follow them every time you attempt a migration or upgradation.


Finally, summing up the blog I wish to remind that the main motive of the announcement is -

  1. PayPlans 2.x series has arrived at the end of its journey.
  2. We will support its development process only for next 1 month.
  3. After the end of 2.x series, only supported series will be of PayPlans 3.x.
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