We Love Our Customers and They Love Us Back :) - Part 2

Meet PayPlans’ Customer Jean-Marc Burri, Vice President, Cupra R Club Switzerland

In continuation to our previous success story, we bring you another one. It feels awesome to know that our products and services could make a difference. Thank you customers, for letting us know your feedback. It matters a lot to our team.

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PayPlans’ Arsenal Loaded with New Payment Gateways

6 more payment gateways to help you reach global customers with PayPlans

In this continuously changing era of Information & Technology, one needs to keep their tools and skills updated with latest trends to be future ready. Your beloved PayPlans too is not an exception. So, here it is with few more arrows in its quiver of apps.

We get lots of requests from our customers for adding new payment gateways in PayPlans App Store to attract more customers and business. We added 6 new payment gateways in this release to fulfill our customer’s requests. We are happy and thankful to all those customer who have been patience with us. Thank You, for your belief !

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Third Party Integration with PayPlans is So Simple

Joomla-User-Type App will help you for easy integration and better access control

In any subscription system we want to restrict the access of resources on the basis of subscribed plan. If a user has Premium Plan than we provide more privileges than the one who has Basic Plan. More privilege is directly related to more access. So in such scenario PayPlan Joomla-User-Type App is very useful.

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Small Tweaks in PayPlans to Achieve More - Part 1

Our response to your feedback for improvement of PayPlans.

This week, we released PayPlans 3.3.4 with few enhancements and fixes. We have also addressed few feedback from our customers. Over the few coming weeks, we would be doing this exercise and try to include small modifications/fixes suggested by our customers. These would make PayPlans even better in terms of usability and maintainability. Here is a summary of this release.

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Your Very Own PayPlans is Now Powered by Bootstrap 3

Creating mobile-friendly membership websites with Bootstrap 3 compatible
responsive templates in Joomla has got a lot easier and quicker.

Few months back we had requested our customers to provide their inputs related to new features and enhancements that they would like to have in their beloved subscription management system i.e. PayPlans. We got numerous requests for making PayPlans compatible with Bootstrap 3. In order to offer eCommerce business solution with the latest technology, we decided to upgrade templates of PayPlans to support Bootstrap 3 (BS3). Since BS3 is mobile friendly too, it will be great opportunity for mobile users to try out sites on their handheld devices anytime, anywhere.

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We Love Our Customers and They Love Us Back :) - Part 1

Meet PayPlans’ customer Kowshar Ahmed from JoomShaper!

Your full name and a brief introduction?

My name is Kowshar Ahmed I’m the CEO & Founder at JoomShaper. Great fan of open source CMS (including Joomla, Wordpress) and all products made by Apple.

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Team PayPlans - A Perfect Concoction for Success!

We share, we discuss, we plan, we execute..everything is a team effort.
And we are great collaborators.

PayPlans has turned 4. The team celebrated PayPlans anniversary with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. They dedicate this success of their beloved product to its awesome customers. On this wonderful occasion, we would like to tell you more about this supercool team.

Knowledgeable, clever, inquisitive, helpful, energetic, fun loving thats all describes PayPlans team. They never miss a chance to learn and explore the possibilities. Each team member is unique in their own way, yet they gel well to exceed the expectations from customers and the company.

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Just 2 Components to Sell Digital Products Online!

DropFiles from JoomUnited and PayPlans from Ready Bytes are All You Need.

Selling digital product online will require a solid membership component and file manager. Payplans from ReadyBytes and Dropfiles from JoomUnited are both famous extension to achieve that.

You’ll get a powerful membership tool with thousands of features to manage users and membership and a powerful files manager to add, edit, update, track your products downloads.

Our latest Dropfiles 2.1 version includes:

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PayPlans, The Most Loved Joomla Membership System is 4!

4 happening years, strong customer bonding, satisfied team and Happy Faces :)

PayPlans has completed 4 wonderful years of its journey and it has become even more powerful, more resourceful, more user-friendly and above all the most loved Joomla Membership System.

The success of PayPlans is shared with its Customers. It is our esteemed customers who helped us give a better shape to PayPlans through their encouragement, appreciation, constructive feedback and inputs through reviews, emails, surveys etc. It is a perfect moment to say *Thank You* to all our customers and recall few of their kind words that kept us going.

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