10 Must Have Apps For PayPlans

Boiling down the Essential Apps for PayPlans.

When it come to the e-commerce section in JED, PayPlans is one of the shining component in its membership and subscription section.

Over the time PayPlans has evolved in to a big tree bearing 125 unconditional apps in the PayPlans’ AppVille. Out of which we will be exploring the 10 most essential Apps that will allow full bloom to the power of Open Source-PayPlans.

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5 Optimized Tips to get the most out of PayPlans

In this blog I wish to guide our new users or quoting more appropriately, “I wish to develop a tour of how PayPlans works best and the Optimized way to get the most out of PayPlans in just 5 simple steps”.

Starting with an general assumption that PayPlans is already installed on your website and you are just excited to kick start your subscription site with PayPlans. So, let me be your guiding eyes and allow me to trace a path most easy as well as fast while setting up PayPlans.

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New Era of PayPlans 3 begins!

Stable Release of PayPlans 3.0.3

Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention please!☺

I would like to extend the warm greetings from team Payplans and also like to take the center stage while introducing the new and shining PayPlans 3 stable. I hope, you all are equally excited to know what is in store, with not just a simple new version but a completely new series of the versioning.

Since quite a time we had been working as well as experimenting with our research results and development of the PayPlans 3.x series. An announcement for today’s stable release of PayPlans 3 was made in our Quarter 2 Roadmap blog.

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Quarter 2: Roadmap

The Company Roadmap for July - September 2013

Since our last RoadMap for the Quarter 1 we are back with an outlook for our next Quarter. As we started developing the User Interface and Performance in our products we will mainly devote this quarter too for UI and UX upliftment.

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Payplans 3.0 Alpha Release

A Developer Preview for PayPlans' Responsiveness

Since the release of Payplans 2.3, we were analyzing our support forums and views of customers, most of them requested for customizations and tweaks to their payplans template. They wanted their site to glitter User Interface and responsiveness. Market research made us believe that User Experience and User Interface are creamy layer of a component. Even the position of a checkout button can affect the probability of selling of goods.

Understanding the UI requirements in PayPlans', we have come up with alpha release of PayPlans 3.0.

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PayPlans 2.4 Stable, More User Friendly

More User Friendly

I am feeling a great pleasure to announce the public release of the awaited 'PayPlans 2.4'. Yes, PayPlans 2.4 version is now out publicly.This version of the membership/subscription system for the Joomla website strives to get more user friendly and more easy to use. The system is easily configurable and provides flexibility to use with any Joomla extensions.

Well, couple of blogs before I mentioned team PayPlans’ RoadMap for the first Quarter of the year ( April - June ). This blog targets to mention the features achieved in this Stable release of PayPlans 2.4. Lets have a quick look at some of the exciting features in the series:

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PayPlans Roadmap: Quarter 1

National festival Holi coming to an end, marking the advent of the new fiscal year in India from 1 April. Its time for team Ready Bytes to come in synchronization with each other to reassess the goals for PayPlans till the next fiscal year in 2014. So that, in the coming years we can enthusiastically stand upright serving you.

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Holi: A Nationwide color party


First of all wishing you a very very huge hug and a Colorful Happy Holi from team Ready Bytes. The celebration of this color festival involves a friendly street war of colored water and powder. Holi is a nationwide party enjoyed by persons of all ages and sizes and believe me no one can keep themselves from being covered head-to-toe in a rainbow of colors, which itself has an extreme amount of Fun factor in it.

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