PayPlans 3.2 - A Business Centric membership s/w

The abstract of 6 months

Mohit Agarwal , 16 October, 2014

This 3.2 is not just an another version of Payplans. It is collection of experience, learnings, clearance about actual buyer persona and better user experience. We realized the shortcomings, gathered our thoughts, correct them and connected all the dots to make it a better solution than yesterday.

Around 6 months ago we had thought of an idea, “Let People Choose, what they actually want”. We collected all our customers suggestions, ideas, requirements and discussions then sorted out their general problem and needs, and mold them into a solution, which is beyond than just a membership system, Now it is more business centric, which helps you to grow your business to new heights.

For business perspective, Why not sell extra stuff or service with plan. Like if admin want to sell T-Shirt with one month plan OR provide extra firewall service with web hosting plans. With these intentions we have introduced “Plan addons”, it’s like miniature cart within a subscription system. Which will have tremendous possibilities and scenario to handle these kinds of need and help you to step up your business.

This release also concentrates over the event management business. e.g. someone wants to sell Limited Offer Plan which is available to early bird users eg. first ten subscribers only. We introduced Limit Plan app which perfectly handle this type of requirement. Additionally we have also developed Subscription Start Date app which will allow user to pay this month and activate their subscription next month or at desired future time eg. batch registrations in Coaching center, pre registration for event etc. It would be very useful in managing subscription as tickets for any event.

A good news for customer is to have proper invoicing system, especially for European customers. Now it establish equal treatment between paper and electronic invoices with considering only paid invoices for invoicing.

With this we have provided functionality to assign plans on basis of profile types, a required features for community based membership sites. Previously only one plan can assign for all profile types but now you get power to assign different plans on different profile types users to boost your community.

Presenting a U-Turn in Payplans that will rewrite all the definition for existing subscription system.

A year ago we introduced wallet functionality to handle payments, extra amounts and let the customers save their credit for future use, it also have various dependent applications. But as it’s said more power comes with more danger. Over the time, we tracked it’s complications with the core workflow and what headaches can be caused due to its improper utilization. So we discussed and decided to remove this from the regular payment flow. With this wallet removal, we have changed core and its dependent apps workflow and makes payplans simpler .

This is not the end of our development journey. You can grow your business with more option to Pay and compete with modern technologies, like digital currency - BITCOIN. We present you the new Payment gateways BitPay and Paypal Advance. which will provide an magnet to hold on to your customers.

Together, Let’s Make it better for today and tomorrow. So, this release is not about features and potential benefits, its about benefits and care of customers who are already using our product or going to used up. With this we take steps that will help to get a business oriented membership software.

We are eager to get your thoughts on this, pen down your feedback :)

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