Notification Emailer In PayPlans.

A Proactive Approach To Client Communication.

Anjan Dhar , 19 June, 2014

Are you part of a community dealing with consumer satisfaction or helping them out? Are you sincere enough for your client’s need? If it is true then PayPlans has a solution for your specific needs. It will help you in connecting with your subscribers effortlessly.

Considering a simple scenario.

Just consider a simple situation -- you own an website and sell subscription for your music store or a gym. Now every time an user purchases a subscription you feel the important need to guide your new subscribers with the next step to be done.

It is a very essential rule from the hospitality industry which states that if you wish to retain an long lasting patronage from your clients then you must be polite and never let them wonder “what should I do next? “. At every step of a process someone must be available to guide the esteemed users if they require.

Are you wondering how to incorporate this privileged air of hospitality on your online store?

The answer is simple. If you are using PayPlans then you can take advantage of the Notification Emailer App.

As the name suggests this app lets you draft an email with beautiful template and deliver it automatically to your subscribers, at the time you feel they will need an extra helping hand. Believe me it will help you gain trust and goodwill from your users.

How to set it up in PayPlans?

The process is very intuitive one. Allow me to give you a visual representation of the complete setup process below. It will save you a lot of time in compare to understanding the written text.