How to setup xdebug in Macbook

Are you facing any problems while setting up a local debug environment in Mac?
Recently I started working on MacBook, and I needed to set up a local debugging environment? Since there aren’t many tutorials on how to do it, I’ve encountered some problems on how to get the setup up and running. By combining a few blogs and spending a few hours on several forums, I came up with this text.
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How to Kick Start a TV App With React Native

How to create TV app project with react native tvos
Hello everyone I hope you all are fit and fine. Today we’ll share one of the amazing experiences of our organization where we have explored the TV Apps development with react native. So I’m very excited to share these learnings with all of you.
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How to fix Duplicate Event Listeners in Vue

Have you ever faced the problem of multiple event listeners for a single emitted event?
As an example, if I say, you have set-up listeners for notifications and instead of displaying notifications once, those are displaying twice, maybe thrice or maybe many times.
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How to add an app Icon and “launch screen” image in tvOS App ( Apple Tv App )?

Every app needs a beautiful and memorable icon that attracts attention. The app icon is a critical component of any app since it’s always exposed to users. And adding an app icon in tvOS apps is not an easy task because we don't have proper documentation of it.
To add an app icon and launch screen image for your apple tv app you need some different size images for the App icon , launch screen and Top shelf.
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How to handle response of chunk uploading in Dropzone.js?

The popular js media uploading library dropzone.js is quite simple to integrate. It’s document widely had all the information to add it to any project within minutes.
In our recent project, we’ve used the chunking process of dropzone which is useful in big size files uploading. In chunk uploading, you can configure how much size each chunk should upload to the server.
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How to integrate Zoho SMTP Mail Configurations in Laravel?

Recently in one of our projects we needed to use Zoho SMTP mail service to send emails.
The integration was quite simple. All you need to do is to set the Mail Configuration in the ENV of Laravel.
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How to Debug Laravel Environment variables ?

A tool that can summarise all environment variables across multiple environments, and let developers know which files are using environment variables the wrong way.

why you need to debug environment variables ?

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Does Your Business Really Need a Mobile App?

Check if you need a mobile app or not
If you want to create an app for your business then do not hurry up and begin the process. Instead, you just need to do some research and study why other apps failed and what mistakes they made. This way, you can avoid making the same mistakes in your process of mobile app development. After all, the process of app development is quite expensive and it would be best to not invest time, efforts, and money.
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Are you Migrating from PHPStorm to VSCode?

List of powerful VSCode extensions to boost your productivity
In my three and a half years of short development career, I mainly used PHPStorm IDE to build projects and I can say that I was quite satisfied with PHPStorm.
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How to validate any business idea

Idea validation strategy
Idea validation of any business idea is the key to any successful business. So many people/businesses have ideas but a very few of them achieve success. Why is it so?
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