Just 2 Components to Sell Digital Products Online!

DropFiles from JoomUnited and PayPlans from Ready Bytes are All You Need.

Tristan (JoomUnited) , 13 May, 2015

Selling digital product online will require a solid membership component and file manager. Payplans from ReadyBytes and Dropfiles from JoomUnited are both famous extension to achieve that.

You’ll get a powerful membership tool with thousands of features to manage users and membership and a powerful files manager to add, edit, update, track your products downloads.

Our latest Dropfiles 2.1 version includes:

  • Google Drive full double way sync
  • 1 click file update
  • 1 click file ordering
  • 4 themes
  • Manage files directly from your content

How does it works?

Dropfiles allows to apply restriction using Joomla access level on categories of files. Payplans is already integrated with Joomla User group. You can automatically assign a group to a user regarding subscription status of his subscribed plan. So, Payplans and Dropfiles are natively integrated using Joomla ACL.


Dropfiles is a flexible and easy to use download manager, it allows user to classify files in category and subcategory that belong to a particular user group/level. So you’ll simply need to map access level and user group with Payplans membership to allow/restrict downloads.

Juser Type Payplans app could assign and unassign users from the user group upon activation and expiration of subscription.

User dashboard with download and membership

user dashboard dropfile
User Dashboard Dropfile


Admin needs user group and access level to assign after user subscription.

Step 1: Firstly you need to create groups in Joomla and access level in Joomla.

user group creation joomla
User Group Creation Joomla

Step 2: Add an access level that contain one or several group

access level joomla
Access Level Joomla

Assign user group to access level:

user group to access level
User Group To Access Level

Then in Dropfiles, you can assign the access level to the category of files.

assign the access level to the category
Assign The Access Level to The Category

Finally, use Payplans app “Juser type” to assign the user group to subscription plan.

Create an app instance.

Joomla User Type PayPlans

Configure the app to link Joomla user group and Payplan subscription.

You’re done! Start selling digital files and manage them easily.

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