PayPlans dashboard is getting redefined !!

PayPlans 3.3 is coming up with powerful reporting

Jogendra Singh , 13 February, 2015

PayPlans is rolling out a new look and feel. What does that mean? It means that it is now an admin oriented dashboard which has all required information collated and is lot more easier to use.

Dashboards and charts are the nuts and bolts of any monitoring system and we understand that productivity increases if you have all essential information at one place. So, we tried to place most of the key metrics onto PayPlans dashboard and Analytics pages.

So here are the highlights of modified dashboard - :-

New Clean UI for Admin Dashboard :-

We have revamped the user interface of existing dashboard to get it better aligned with admin in terms of important and necessary information only.

The clean and dynamic dashboard is driven by essential information in highlighted boxes that includes Sales, Revenue, Active Subscribers, Expired Subscribers. This solution allows the admin to use live data to drive dashboards that show company performance in a wide variety of graphs as a quick summary. If you want to get more details, the Additional Stats will show accurate and specific sales-revenue charts over the complete period of time.

Separate Focussed View for Analytics :-

Previously, our dashboard showed plenty of data. Lately, we realized that although all data is important but not at the same place. You might miss something which is important for your business in all information displayed together.

To make it more focused we have segregated the information and created two sections, i.e. Dashboard and Analytics.

  1. Dashboard section is to give you current situation of sales, revenue, active/expired subscriptions from the day you started selling subscriptions. This section focuses on two of the most important terminology for your business which you need to monitor ie Sales and Revenue. With subscription growth you can analyze your company performance for a specific duration and plan your relevant actions.
  2. <li>Analytics section will provide a view of detailed analytics of
        sales, revenue, subscription growth, renewals and upgrades as per your
        time frames. This is a real important marketing part to check which
        plan has done more renewals or which way user prefers to upgrade. Now
        all figures are in your hand, simply observe, plan and win.</li>

MultiCharts supports and Custom range filters have been added, so you have complete freedom of choice - choose the one that suits your needs.

Rebuild and Update Stats are used to fetch latest updated data or recalculate data from the beginning.

Ready Bytes Account Details at Dashboard :-

This backend provides a simple feature to show your subscribed plan summary at backend. If you have subscribed for multiple plans then all plans get available in backend itself. So if you are working on site’s backend then there is no more hassles to log into frontend to check your subscription expiration date. Currently, this functionality is used for Ready Bytes subscriptions only.

Controlled Power to Admin to Monitor Business in Nutshell :-

PayPlans’ new UI delivers a smooth experience while providing what you need to monitor your growing business footprint in a nutshell. To make it happen, we have emphasized more on backend dashboard to provide more control and power in terms of graph/charts. Additionally, we have given plan wise data option to view same statistics in different form of graphs as Sales and Revenue section to judge the performance of plan. We have also provided Updates/Renewal charts which are configurable as per user's needs.

With this meaningful set of information, admin can use payplans dashboard to discover new strategies and promotional campaigns, to achieve maximize profits.

Lightweight Dashboard with Improved Performance :-

Existing dashboard is quite dynamic and contains a lot of information at one page. We have optimized queries and we are now fetching data only when its needed for creating charts/graph or required at other places. Also to make it clean and usable, we have removed less useful information that was being displayed on dashboard page earlier.

Responsive Dashboard:-

We put a lot of love and effort to make PayPlans a useful tool for admins. The data, position and size of each chart is automatically handled by PayPlans on different devices. Dashboard is responsive right out-of-the-box. So enjoy using PayPlans in your preferred web browsers, tablets or phones anytime, anywhere.

These are some of our efforts that we put on basis of user's needs and feedback. Now we want to know how much we have succeeded, share with us what you think. Please leave your feedback and suggestions on our new dashboard in the comments below, or Tweet us at @readybytes.

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