5 More Essential PayPlans Admin Hacks

More the Merrier! :)

Bhavya Shaktawat , 27 April, 2015

In Addition to our previous PayPlans admin hacks, we bring you another set of these useful tips and tricks. You can use those to quickly resolve day-to-day issues of your Joomla membership website or to perform admin tasks. These are sure to take some load off your shoulders :)

Block Non-Subscribers :

  • Using Block Non-Subscribers feature admin can force user to subscribe plan, when user do not have any active subscription.
  • A user without an active subscription will be redirected to Subscribe Plan Page to complete subscription process.
  • By this feature user will not be able to access resource until he has an active subscription.
    block non subscribers
    Block Non Subscribers
  • You will find this parameter in PayPlans->Configuration->Settings tab->Features section.

Auto Delete Dummy Records :

  • Auto Delete Dummy Records feature allows admin to specify a time period after that subscription and its related records which are not used by customer from a specified period will be deleted.
  • It will only delete records which have subscription status as No-Status.
  • While using One Click Checkout plugin, there are lots of dummy records belonging to user Not_Registered, this feature will also delete those unnecessary dummy records.
  • By default value of Auto Delete Dummy Records parameter is set to Never.
    auto delete dummy records
    Auto Delete Dummy Records
  • You will find this parameter in PayPlans->Configuration->Settings tab->Expert section.

Show Custom Content on Invoice :

Show Custom Content On Invoice
  • Using Custom Content on Invoice feature admin can add Text and Tokens.
  • Admin can use Tokens to write dynamic content related to Configuration, Subscription, Invoice, Plan, Transaction and User. e.g. By adding token [[INVOICE_COUNTER]] will show the invoice counter on invoice.
  • To view the Tokens you need to click on the link View Tokens.
  • To use any token copy complete token value [[INVOICE_COUNTER]] and place it in the custom content block

Tokens : Tokens are used to display the value of dynamic contents, not the static one

Apply Plan :

  • Apply Plan allows admin to allocate a subscription to any user(s) free of charge.
    Selection Of User To Apply Plan
    Selection Of User To Apply Plan
    Assign A Subscription Plan
    Assign A Subscription Plan
  • A subscription assigned to the user using Apply Plan by the admin, will have Invoice and Transaction of amount 0, even if that plan has any positive amount.

Automatic discounts :

  • Power to apply automatic discount on Fixed Plans/On Upgrade/On Renewal/Recurring Plans(partially).
  • Automatic discount make the checkout process faster so that user need not invest his time in finding the discount coupon code and then apply it.
    automatic discounts
    Automatic Discounts
  • Using ProDiscount App admin can create automatic discount and apply them on required plan(s).
  • Automatic discount can also be created for Each Recurring Invoice . After applying on the first invoice of recurring subscription, discount will automatically be applied on upcoming recurring invoices.
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