Team PayPlans - A Perfect Concoction for Success!

We share, we discuss, we plan, we execute..everything is a team effort.
And we are great collaborators.

Shyam Sundar Verma , 15 May, 2015

PayPlans has turned 4. The team celebrated PayPlans anniversary with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. They dedicate this success of their beloved product to its awesome customers. On this wonderful occasion, we would like to tell you more about this supercool team.

Knowledgeable, clever, inquisitive, helpful, energetic, fun loving thats all describes PayPlans team. They never miss a chance to learn and explore the possibilities. Each team member is unique in their own way, yet they gel well to exceed the expectations from customers and the company.

Today, we are going to introduce you with the folks behind the bars (of PayPlans logo :))

Hey there, I am Bhavya Shaktawat. I Hold a bachelor degree in Information and Technology. I have been with ReadyBytes since 2011. I mainly handle development process including research and planning. It has been 4 years since I started working for Payplans and this journey has been very exciting and full of challenges. After 4 years of continuous development and maintenance I still find that there are enormous possibilities to learn, explore and implement. I believe that Payplans' success truly belongs to its customer. Their love, involvement and encouragement has kept nurturing Payplans all these years. In my spare time, I enjoy music, reading, and spending time with my family.

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    <p>Hello! I am <strong>Ravi Shankar Ojha</strong> - I joined Ready Bytes in
        Nov 2013. Currently, I am providing support for PayPlans. Its a nice
        experience to interact with various customers from different business
        background in different domains. Over the time, I have gained vast
        knowledge of PayPlans with guidance of my team and it helps me find
        the root cause and resolve the issues of our customers quickly.
        Interacting with customers gives me a chance to put myself in their
        shoe and think about PayPlans from their perspective. Feedback from
        customers is very important for us in planning product roadmap,
        developing features and support, so I would urge our customers to
        provide their genuine feedback on support forums and JED.</p>
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    <img src="team-payplans-a-perfect-concoction-for-success/ravi-shankar-ojha.jpg"/></div>

Hello There! I am Manisha Ranawat. I am working in PayPlans team for last 2 years. It is a good experience to work in PayPlans team.I have learnt lot of things about membership product. My expertise is in payment gateway integration. I am working on some more interesting features and trying my best to make PayPlans more efficient and fruitful for your business. I like the practice our team follows to seeks inputs from the customers before planning the future releases. It helps us meet the expectations from our customers. My hobbies are reading and listening music.

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    <p>Hi, I am <strong>Ankit Jain</strong>. Within only 6 months in the team,
        I have gained experience &amp; skills that I had never imagined. The team
        atmosphere is extremely friendly and everyone encourages each other
        to think out of the box. I love to interact with different people
        around the world and through payplans support forum everyday I
        interact with different users from different countries. It is an
        amazing feeling when I am able to solve their problem and make them
        happy :)</p>
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    <img src="team-payplans-a-perfect-concoction-for-success/ankit-jain-readybytes.jpg" alt="Ankit Jain"/></div>
Jogendra Singh Chauhan

Hello! I am Jogendra Singh Chauhan. I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Ready Bytes. I have 7+ years of experience in Java/J2EE technology in IT. I joined Ready Bytes 7 months back when I moved back to my hometown. Now I am brainstorming in PHP, Joomla, responsive design patterns and eCommerce Solutions. Currently I am involved in PayPlans development. I am very enthusiastic, jolly and co-operative person, and above all I always want to be a good team-player. I am also helping in making Ready Bytes a more pleasant, friendly and professional IT company to work for.

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    <p>Hey guys, I am <strong>Komal Agarwal</strong>. I work as QA Engineer in
        Ready Bytes &amp; engage in customer support. I am with PayPlans team for
        more than a year now &amp; I love it. I find it quite encouraging to help
        our customers fix their issues. We maintain the quality of our
        products through our streamlined processes and best practices. When
        not in front of the screen, I enjoy photography, dance and music. I
        am fun loving , motivator and I enjoy outdoors.</p>
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    <img src="team-payplans-a-perfect-concoction-for-success/komal-agarwal-readybytes.jpg" alt="Komal Agarwal"/></div>

What makes them admired by customers?

  • They are always there to listen and help customers in any kind of confusion and trouble.
  • They go beyond the limitations to provide a wonderful experience with their product and service.

If you would like to share any incidents with this team, do drop us a comment.

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