Migrate from AEC to PayPlans

Be a part of Happy and Satisfied PayPlans Family

Recently, we found that AEC (Account Expiration Control) membership management software is in hibernation due to personal health reasons. It must have been a really tough situation for David, Owner of AEC (Valanx.org), to take such a big decision. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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PayPlans Evolution Over The Last Year

We still thrive to make PayPlans even better for YOU

Over the last year, we have made multiple changes in PayPlans to make it better aligned to our customer's business requirements. Today, we are 159 apps strong to assist you in your various business operations. We thank our customers for their continuous support and feedback that helped us evolve.

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We Love Our Customers and They Love Us Back :) - Part 3

Meet PayPlans’ Customer Yoram Schaffer, filmmaker and online film distributer

PayPlans fetches us more love and appreciation from customers than we expect. It is the faith of our customers in our team, that helps us achieve complex milestones with ease. Thank you so much for your continuous support and feedback, it really matters a lot :)

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PayPlans 3.4 is Here to Take Away Your Taxation Woes

Simplified Calculation with Easy Configuration

We are pleased to announced that PayPlans 3.4 beta is released with improvements. I hope, you all are also equally excited to know what is new with this release.

Below is the glimpse of the latest improvements:

  • Multiple Taxes in Single Country through Basic Tax App.
  • Itemized Details (Taxes and discounts) on Invoice Confirm Screen.

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Help Yourself With PayPlans Knowledge Base (KB)

Help us help you better, quicker :)

Whenever you purchase a product, you want to know more and more about it. Proper Documentation or User Manual help you to do basic troubleshooting at your own. Same is the case when we buy a software or extension. Proper Documentation is equally important as the actual product.

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Improved Analytics with PayPlans!

Stay informed with enhanced analytics & make better business decisions

Just wondering why your business is getting low in a particular region? OR why a certain marketing campaign did not go well? OR What is the email opening rate? OR user traffic from various sources on your site etc.

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Small Tweaks in PayPlans to Achieve More - Part 2

PayPlans v3.3.6 - Our response to your feedback for improvement of PayPlans.

This week, we have released PayPlans 3.3.6 with few enhancements and fixes. We have received few feedback from our customers regarding the custom badges to decorate the plan or group . We worked on this requirement and we are happy to say that now PayPlans supports Custom CSS feature in this release. Here is a summary of this release.

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PayPlans is Dropping Support for Joomla 2.5

Let’s make room for improved features in your very own
Subscription Management System - PayPlans

As every good thing has to come to an end today or tomorrow to make room for a better one, IT & Software industry is also not an exception.

As your most loved product i.e. PayPlans enhanced with latest technology and tools along with complete change over the time from where it was started. As Joomla has also changed a lot from its beginning and making changes to be in line with the competition.

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Diwali Goodies from Ready Bytes, Grab them Now!!

Let’s celebrate the festival together

Diwali, one of the biggest Indian festival is around the corner. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the festival of lights and its marvellous celebration. Preparations have already started for decoration, shopping, sweets and gifts for near & dear ones.

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PayPlans Gets Better with New Apps

2 More Payment Gateways and an Affiliate Tracker for PayPlans are Released

In line with our organization’s motive of continuous improvement, we have added Three New Apps in the PayPlans’ App Store.

  1. PayUMoney Payment Gateway
  2. WebMoney Payment Gateway
  3. iDevAffiliate

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