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Shyam Sundar Verma , 26 March, 2015

PayPlans 3.3 stable release is being launched on 26th March. We have been evolving our products to make it better suit your business requirements. This release is also planned with same aim and here are the highlights of the new features for you -

Advanced Frontend Dashboard

Dashboard has been improved and simplified to a level that the first time users can easily get hang of. The new dashboard is designed to give proper space for ‘My purchase’ and ‘My Account’ sections to grow and bring you clear and concise information at a glance. It includes all the essential information with proper indications like recurring payments, subscription expiration, renewal, upgrade, user details etc. It is completely responsive dashboard and versatile enough for any size viewport including android, iPhone, iPad, tablets and desktops. It uses smooth liveliness, moves and more to make a great user experience.

Organized Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard has been given the same level of importance as that of front end. The new backend dashboards is fully familiar to power users with improved organization and cleaner UI. We worked on displaying crucial KPIs by default, like sales, revenue, active and expired subscriptions etc.

New Section on Analytics

PayPlans introduced a new analytics section to help admin understand how users are interacting with their site. This section is designed to provide a quick view into business where admin can explore some key metrics like sales, revenue, subscription growth, renewal and upgrades. It is more streamlined with configurable metrics i.e. allows user to decide which metrics and information they would like to see on their dashboard. With all these information, admin can figure out what worked well and what did not.

Improved Logging Makes Your Life Easy

We have put efforts to improve the logging feature of PayPlans to make monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging much easier and smoother in process. It includes -

  1. Proper data dumping in logs for payment gateway response and other resources data.
  2. Improved UI to get better visibility.
  3. Fixes in logs to get controlled view of formatter data, resolved “formatter does not exist” issue and log number is added in log’s pop up.
  4. Logs are categorized based on its priority i.e. Error, Information, Notice and Warning.

Enhanced Security with Proper Validations

An essential and security-focused validation has been introduced for all Payment gateways. This includes card security code, expiration date, credit-card number itself and emails to prevent fraud in a system.

These validations work smoothly for mobiles and other small screen devices, as we use subtle field highlighting and show proper error messages right next to the input field.

Go Global with CCAvenue Multi-currency Integration

A good news to all Indian e-merchants is that PayPlans is now integrated with CCAvenue Multi-currency Support feature. It's time to go global, deliver localized buying experience and allow customers to pay in their own currency .

Separated Apps from PayPlans Core

With this release we have separated code of apps from PayPlans core and made each app separately installable. It is simply a need of modularity. Now apps can be released and installed separately without updating PayPlans; in short everything is independent.

This change makes your PayPlans kit lighter and faster.

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