25 February, 2015

6 Must Have Features in PayPlans Customer Dashboard

Create WOW!! Experience for Your Users using PayPlans 3.3

We’ve closely observed the strategy that helps us grow our membership business with PayPlans dashboard implemented at Ready Byte's site. We then took this knowledge and developed a best practices methodology that focuses on the essentials to being successful on business using frontend dashboard.

Today’s new eCommerce business membership dashboard directly incorporates research methodology through its interface and features. Dashboard comprises of two sections i.e My Purchases (Subscription related details) and My Account (User related details).

Key enhancements developed in the PayPlans 3.3 Alpha release include:

My Purchases

This section contains all information related to subscriptions and its actions.

  1. Improved UI with Responsive Dashboard : A new improved responsive dashboard will help you keep focus on all essential information logically clubbed under various tabs on a single screen. It allows the user to quickly process certain important tasks and actions in one go. We have aligned the existing features in a better simplified way to get all renewal, upgrade and cancellation of subscription notifications in single point.
  2. Better Indication about Subscription Status : New and improved dashboard provides real-time status view into the dashboard, no need to get inside subscription. An alert is shown to user when subscription expires. In case of recurring payments, message is shown to users about next expected payments. The Subscription Status has been overhauled for easier review and timely decision making for users.
  3. Renewals & Upgrade: The new dashboard is designed to help admin get a better sense of consumer engagement in terms of renewal and upgrade process.
    • Promote Renewals by highlighting the expired subscription and shows renewal button on relevant subscription. Easy renewal will enhance your business success rate.
      Renew Button On Expiry
    • When working in the dashboard, users were previously shown all the built plans with new concepts only the relevant upgradable plan will get shown to users. Also no need to create upgrade widget.
      Upgradable Plan Showing Upgrade Button
  4. Improved Message in Plan Details : Includes information that shows accurate message to show next deducted price in case of Recurring or Trial Plans. Previously, price was shown on the basis of last paid invoice.
  5. Subscription Details, Cancellation and Update Card Details and Invoices : This dashboard includes major UI and UX enhancements that allow users to easily multitask. Users can now view all his/her subscription details, invoice, cancel and update card details all under More section.
    Subscription Detail

My Account

This section contains all information related to user and its available resources. So, if you have collected user information using User Detail App or created any widgets to show any resources then this is the perfect place for you.

My Account

Lets smell the awesomeness in PayPlans customer dashboard.

Of course, we won’t stop here as this is just a part of PayPlans 3.3 release. A lot more is waiting for you. Every day we work on improvement and new features to boost our customer's needs. Your feedback is invaluable in this, so do let us know your feedback or questions. Stay Tuned to get latest updates on PayPlans!!

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