5 Life-Saver Hacks for Joomla Website Every PayPlans Admin Should Know

These Useful and Innovative PayPlans tricks can definitely save you lots of time and efforts.

Bhavya Shaktawat , 16 April, 2015

1 . Extend Subscription:

  • It might have happened that your customer is arranging for the payment through the required channel and meanwhile he has requested you to extend the subscription for a day or two. Or the customer may want to adjust the discount percentage with the extension of subscription.
  • Well, don't worry! By using the following trick Admin can extend the subscription by a day or a month or any required duration in just few moments.
  •     <li>Select the subscription, click the ‘Extend’ button, now
            select the required time for which you want to extend and click
            ’Apply’. Voila! You are done !
            <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img alt="payplans-subscription-extend" src="5-life-saver-hacks-for-joomla-website-every-payplans-admin-should-know/payplans-subscription-extend.png" class="img-polaroid" style="margin-bottom:0;&gt;&#10;&#9;&#9;&#9;&#9;&lt;figcaption class=" img-caption=""/>Subscription Extend
    </ul><h3>2 . Subscription Module:</h3>
    <ul><li>Do you want to inform user the subscription status as well as
            it's subscription start/end date without sending him to dashboard?</li>
        <li>Well, we have a perfect trick. You can use the subscription
            module of Payplans and display the subscribed plans to the customers.</li>
        <li>By default this module is disabled, so Admin can enable it
            from extension manager.</li>
        <li>You can limit the number of subscriptions to be shown in the
            module, or you can choose to display active or expired subscriptions.</li>
        <li>If your plans are eligible for renewal then your customers
            can directly renew from here using the green icon in the module.
            <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img alt="subscription-module-payplans" src="5-life-saver-hacks-for-joomla-website-every-payplans-admin-should-know/subscription-module-payplans.png" class="img-polaroid"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Subscription Module PayPlans</figcaption></figure></li>
        <li>Thus, you can place the module at most attractive place on
            your website and keep the customers updated about their subscription.</li>
    </ul><h3>3 . Display limited subscription - only active and expired:</h3>
    <ul><li>With this particular tip you can choose to display limited
            subscription to the users.</li>
        <li>If you want that only active subscriptions should be visible
            then you can achieve it.</li>
        <li>Go to Payplans Configuration&gt;&gt; Customization and set "Select
            subscription status" to "Subscription-active".</li>
        <li>Similarly you can choose the combos.</li>
        <li>It even happens that the customer has not paid the invoice
            and left it in checkout state. If you dont want to display such
            invoices and keep the dashboard clean, then you can control it by
            discarding the "no-status' option in the above mentioned setting.</li>
    </ul><h3>4 . Search Module:</h3>
    <ul><li>Searching is always an important aspect of any system. As an
            admin, we often spend time searching data like subscriptions, users,
            plans etc.</li>
        <li>With the search module, Admin can search the plans, groups,
            subscriptions transactions, invoices &amp; users.</li>
        <li>Thus, the search module can quickly search required data and
            save lots of your time.
            <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img alt="invoice" src="5-life-saver-hacks-for-joomla-website-every-payplans-admin-should-know/invoice.png" class="img-polaroid"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Invoices</figcaption></figure><figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img alt="search-in-payplans" src="5-life-saver-hacks-for-joomla-website-every-payplans-admin-should-know/search-in-payplans.png" class="img-polaroid"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Search In PayPlans</figcaption></figure></li>
    </ul><h3>5 . Send invoice link to customer from backend :</h3>
    <ul class="jpp-margin-b30"><li>Have you come across a scenario where you have
            hidden/invisible plans and want to provide it to only a limited set
            of users?</li>
        <li>Or do you want to provide special discount to any user of
            yours? Do you want to send the existing invoice to the customers? We
            provide you a single click functionality for such situations.</li>
        <li>Here are the steps to achieve this:
            <ul><li>Click the subscription for which you want to send the
                <li>Click the button "Add invoice link" (for new invoice).</li>
                <li>If you want you can apply discounts if any, and then save
                <li>Now click the button "Send Invoice Link".</li>
                <li>Enter the subject for the email. By default the email body
                    has some predefined context, so you can modify it as per your need.</li>
                <li>Click send mail to send it to the user.</li>
                <li>If its existing invoice then simply click “Send Invoice
    </ul><ul class="jpp-margin-b30 unstyled inline text-center"><li><a href="//www.readybytes.net/payplans/pricing.html" class="btn btn-primary btn-large" title="Subscribe for PayPlans">Get PayPlans</a></li>
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