14 February, 2014

App-Store: A Great Boon For The Third Party Developers.

Many times earlier I had mentioned a unique name ‘PayMart’ in few of my blogs. PayMart is actually the latest App Store, designed by us for efficiently managing the apps that our products feature.

You can get to see it in action at the PayPlan's and PayInvoice’s app store, at our live website. The App-Store provides a very convenient and easy to navigate showcase for our visitors. It is also inbuilt in the PayPlans 3.1 onwards series which allows it’s user to download the useful apps as per their requirements.

Special features of the App-Store :

  • Designed considering the best UI practises.
  • Easy to navigate and find the required Apps.
  • Allows to place proper documentation of each and every app in the App store without any cluttering.
  • Allows the user to download and install the apps from “Apps Store” directly from his/her site’s backend.
  • Available free of cost to use with PayPlans 3.x series.
  • A great boon for the Third Party developers.

A Great Boon for the third Party developers.

App-Store is developed to solve many troubles faced by a third Party developer. Generally developing a third party app also requires.

  • The developer to design a website for hosting the app.
  • Maintain a proper Payment Gateway setup to receive payments.
  • Send timely invoices for the sold app.

With the dawn of the App-Store there will be absolutely no need to think or act for the above mentioned points. The only thing that the developer needs to be concerned of is all about the development process of their app.

How to get your App listed at our end.

It is amazingly simple. All you need to do is send us your app and its complete description as asked below in the form.

App Submission Form.

By filling the above form the details will be forwarded to us and we will take care of the rest for you. We will -

  • Manage your apps and the payments for the paid apps as well. No extra overhead on your part.
  • Notifications for each new purchases will be sent to the respective developer instantly.
  • The payment for the apps will be transferred monthly to it’s owner.
  • All the invoicing management for the end users will be handled by us. You do not need to worry a single bit.
  • We will be charging a commission against the benefits for the App listings you get. You may have a look at our Third Party Policies.

Only things that we expect from our awesome third party developers are-

  • A quality App.
  • And timely support to Ready Bytes' users.

Our current Third party developers.

PayPlans has few of the esteemed developers, who are currently connected with it. They are -

Future Enhancements in App-Store.

In our upcoming quarter we will further update the functionalities in our App-Store. It will allow anyone to update their App listings from the site’s front end and see the changes instantly. This is an effort from us to unite all our developers under one roof, to stop the distribution of buggy components and protect the authenticity of the hard work done by our third party developers.

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