13 March, 2014

Ready Bytes presents PayPlans 3.1.2 Stable

PayPlans' latest stable release is now live !

Welcome aboard friends! Please join us today on the launch of the second stable iteration, in the PayPlans 3 series.

The beta version of PayPlans 3.1 was released on 12th February 2014, for the real time testing and bug squashing. Over the span of weeks starting right from the beta release, we have fired more than 100 test cases and squashed 135 bugs to ensure a proper Ready Bytes’ standard stable release. At last we are completely satisfied and present this stable release before you.

What’s fresh in PayPlans 3.1.2 ?

This stable release mainly targets the refinement for the usage experience in the backend. We mainly connected to the idea, "Backend navigation should be as intuitive and fluid as the frontend."

Lets have a look at the developments in the stable release.

Enhanced App Management

App Management Screen
App Management Screen

The ultimate power of PayPlans comes from it’s apps. Earlier, an user had to download an app from app manager, then install it and then create an instance on the app screen. This process is all spread over different screens in PayPlans. The design was no doubt very modular in approach but the flow was not very obvious for a new users or I can comment, it was not a fast way for an experienced user too.

In the 3.1.2 stable release we have redesigned the complete app management system and recreated it with all the app management screens merged together.

  • User will just need to move in the Apps section for getting “My Apps”, App Instances and App Store all at one place.
  • It will also provide an overview of all the installed apps at a glance.
  • Now app instances can be created hand to hand.
  • Click on App Store in this section and it will redirect you to our awesome App Store.

Introduced App Store instead of App Manager with enhancement

App Store with apps status
App Store with apps status
  • Apps can be downloaded , installed and enabled in just one click directly from the App-Store.
  • It also provide a cool banner for available apps as per status like upgradable, Installed, Not Available etc.
  • Apps that are not compatible with your installed payplans version will show "Not Available" status in your app store. So, you can run your membership site flawlessly.
  • Get complete overview of app from your App store including Documentation link, Screen shots, overview , Available Version , support link etc. Overall its a handy backend dashboard for apps.
  • Very soon we will provide filtering functionality to narrow your search.
  • Just type 3 letters and you will get your desired app in front of you.

Latest PayPlans Installer

Backend Installer Screen
Backend Installer Screen

From this release onward PayPlans will feature a new installer. It is designed with an intention to simplify the updating process and increase the security. All the future releases of PayPlans will be available directly at the backend of your website, no need to download and then install separately. The complete process of upgradation and installation will be reduced to a single click.

The installer will also discourage the warez sites from hosting the spam versions of PayPlans insuring only a genuine version for our genuine users.

Plan Analytics

Plan management screen in backend
Plan management screen in backend

The image above shows the plan creation page in PayPlans 3.1.2 backend. The basic functionality of PayPlans is to create plans and maintain the complete accounting related to the sale of a plan.

Now onwards PayPlans will be able to maintain the analytics too. On the Plan creation screen the performance of the plans will also be visible as shown above in the color coding. You will not need to calculate the performance manually.

Also a new group table is added to display the groups in which the plans have been added by you.

Subscription Analytics

Backend Subscription Screen
Backend Subscription Screen

Now the subscription management screen will also feature an counter for the number of active, expired, on hold and no status plans as shown above. This overview will allow you a quick check over the performance of your user reach strategies.

Auto Subscription Complete

 Subscription Management Screen
Subscription Management Screen

This is one of the improvement in the PayPlans 3.1.2. This UI enhancement is deemed to save lot of your time.

Earlier, after creating a subscription only a static status was displayed on the screen. To activate or mark expire a subscription

  • One needed to create an invoice for the specific subscription
  • Then add an transaction method in the created invoice
  • All this was needed to be done manually to mark a subscription. From now on those are the days of past and all you need to do is select the status from the drop down menu and the relevant actions will be performed automatically. No, manual entry will be needed.

Upgraded Apps

With the advent of PayPlans 3.1.2 stable, around 7 apps have been updated with major changes.
The apps are -

Further details of the bug fixes or changes list can be seen at PayPlans 3.1.2 change logs.

Advanced Backend Search

Backend search button
Backend search button

PayPlans dashboard in 3.1.2 will feature an advanced search. It will allow the admin to search any of the below mention features inside PayPlans may it be a username, subscription id or a plan id as shown below. This search system will easily bind all the search results needed, at a single place.

Backend Search Fields
Backend Search Fields

New Featured Apps

Last but not the least this stable release is also marked with two new featured apps.

  • Gift App :
    As the name itself suggests this interesting App will allow you to provide subscription as a gift to your friend. You may compare the phenomena to the gift voucher in which you will be able to gift subscription to your dear ones.
  • Referral App :
    This app was demanded many times by our users. Simply stating it will be a mini affiliate app. In which your subscribers will get certain discount (as per your choice), if the subscriber refers your site’s subscription to few of his friends and it leads to an actual financial conversion.

PayPlans Documentation

Much of the documentations are been upgraded as per the 3.1.2 release. Proper screenshots have been added and improvements as per the user suggestion. They are still in process but will be updated completely before the next stable release of PayPlans. PayPlans Documentation

These were few of our major achievements for the stable release of PayPlans 3.1.2. You may also get the further details at our change-logs.

So, I request our esteemed users to enjoy the latest stable release and it’s features.

Happy PayPlanning!

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