08 November, 2013

10 Must Have Apps For PayPlans

Boiling down the Essential Apps for PayPlans.

When it come to the e-commerce section in JED, PayPlans is one of the shining component in its membership and subscription section.

Over the time PayPlans has evolved in to a big tree bearing 125 unconditional apps in the PayPlans’ AppVille. Out of which we will be exploring the 10 most essential Apps that will allow full bloom to the power of Open Source-PayPlans.

10. Upgrade -

Upgrade app logo

The name itself is very obvious one about its functionality, but the app proves itself to be a time saver many times. It allows your subscribers to upgrade their existing plans or switch to a higher plan. It is also possible to allow discount as an incentive while upgrading. This feat can be achieved by combining the Upgrade app with the Pro Discount app. I have explained the Pro Discount below.

The amount remaining in his previous subscription will be transferred directly to his new subscription and the earlier subscription be marked expired. So, no need worrying about calculating the differences anymore.

How to use Upgrade App?.

9. Renewal -

Renewal App Logo

If you have returning subscribers which shows that you have a well flourished online presence. Then this app will surely help your users to quickly re-subscribe to the expiring plan, without undergoing any pain to re- register themselves.

It will be very quick for them before they change minds. To make the renewals more irresistible for your users, you can also create a scenario of special discount on renewing. Though that will will require configuring the Pro Discount App (described below) to work in sync with the Renewal App, but the result would be magnificent.

How to use Renewal App?

8. Social Discount -

Social Discount App Logo

Grab more and more consumers and popularizing your product at the same time. Speaking in easy terms this App will facilitate a discount incentives while paying for your subscriptions, in-exchange for liking, +1 as well as sharing your product on social media.

Doing so, will not only spread your product's existence among the millions of user on social networking websites, but also increase the probability of your product's purchase.

It will be a simple case of people recommending you socially in exchange for a discount. This makes it one of the wanted apps to be used with PayPlans.

How to use Social Discount App?

7. Subscription Detail -

Subscription Detail Logo

This can be a very important app for you if you care for your users and wish to interact with them on the confirm invoice page of PayPlans.

This app will allow you to place an XML form or a notification in the invoice confirm area asking for optional details to be filled by your users or notifying the buyers about the killer feature of a specific plan. Please note that the details in this app are always plan specific eg a user purchasing multiple plans at your site can choose to opt for different domains for different plans.

Believe me, these simple tweaks will greatly enhance the conversion rates, changing visitors to prospective buyers.

How to use Subscription Detail App?

6. User Detail -

User Detail App Logo

Installing this app and using it is almost same as the above subscription app. Only difference being that the details filled in this app are global in nature for any subscription like the user’s name, shipping address etc they remain same for any specific user.

Whereas the Subscription Detail App’s information can vary from plan to plan like the domain name for which a plan is purchased. The domain name can change for every plan but the user is more likely to remain same.

How to use User Detail App?

5. Pro Discount -

Pro Discount App Logo

We all are regular shoppers and specially love the feeling if awarded a discount. The discount adds an flavour of sweetness and achievement in our purchases.

If you believe in this and you are finding a solution to manage the discounts for your PayPlans subscription then look no further. This app does it all from creating a discount code to managing its validity period and from tracking the actual performance of a code to maintaining its proper database.

How to use Pro Discount App?

4. Taxes & VAT -

Basic Tax Logo

Taxes and Value Added Taxes are the significant part of any economic transaction. PayPlans has two different apps specifically for this purpose.

Basic Tax App : This app allows you to incorporate a tax percentage on the total price of a plan, on the invoice page. The buyer will simply need to select his country and the tax will be implemented on the basic price.

EU-VAT App Logo

EU- VAT App : European Union Value Added Tax is a form of consumption tax. Using PayPlans’ EU-VAT plugin, vat can be applied on plans on the basis of user’s country. This app even allows you to set the Personal Tax Rates as well as Business Tax Rates.

How to implement the tax system in PayPlans?

3. Terms Of Service (TOS) -

TOS App Logo

Allow a professional touch to the plan subscription process on your website. To avoid any sort of grievances on consumer as well as retailer’s end it is always suggested to clarify the terms & conditions before proceeding with the economy exchange.

"Terms of Service" App is used to drive the user to accept certain Terms and conditions(ie. Rules) if he wishes to continue subscribing a plan.

If the user does not agree to the Terms and conditions, then he won't be allowed to subscribe the plan, as simple as that.

How do I implement the TOS App?

2. PDF Invoice -

PDF Invoice App Logo

Right from the beginning our goal has always been to simplify as well as beautify the cumbersome e-commerce domain. We all know that earning more and more is a very pleasant task, but keeping an accurate and timely account statement of the same is quite a tedious one. So, PayPlans always keeps a track by creating invoices for each transaction.

Now, just consider a situation - If you ever need to replicate those invoices outside the PayPlans system for any purpose like bulk printing, emailing to the tax department or suppose your user need an printable format invoice in his mail etc………. then ??

Simply install the PDF Invoice app for PayPlans. It will allow you and your end user to download invoices in bulk as well as singular. Users will really, appreciate subscribing to your website.

How do I enable the PDF App?

1. Joomla User Type -

JUser Type App Logo

Almost every Joomla user must be aware that it works on the basis of permissions granted to its User Group/Types. Infact every single Joomla site has its own user groups eg. Guest, Manager, Registered, Author, Super User etc. The permission levels for each of these user groups/types can be defined by the site admin.

The beauty of our app lies in assigning the Joomla Groups according to subscription status with respect to each plan. For a simple instance if a user is marked active in PayPlans then he can be assigned the permission levels of registered group or if the subscription expires then the permission levels for the user can be demoted to merely publisher group.

Its completely an automated process all you need to do is install and configure this app as per your needs. Moreover this app is pre-compatible to any Joomla extension that utilizes the joomla groups to create categorization for eg Docman.

How to configure the Joomla User Type App?

So, these were few of the top must have apps in PayPlans which will automate the complete process of subscription management on your site. The best part, all these above apps are free to download with the PayPlans’ subscription.

Do let us know if you have any another personal best in your opinion or if you feel that any change is needed in the functionality of the above apps. We will be grateful to you.

Happy PayPlanning..!!

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