26 February, 2014

Directory listings/CCKs with PayPlans

Directory Listings….. Have you ever come across this term? Have you ever wondered about it’s benefits? Do you know that hosting a genuine directory listing can be a great revenue source for you? If the answer to all the above questions are NO then please go on, read this blog and benefit yourself with our understandings.

What is a Directory Listing?

Directory listing or getting registered on an online Web Directory is not the same thing as getting listed in the search engines.

The key divergence within the search engine and a web directory is that a search engine spiders the Internet to look for new available web pages and then indexes those links according to the relevance it attaches to those links. Whereas in a web directory, you can submit your links manually under a suitable category. Then those links are re-examined by human editors and accepted or rejected according to what they think of your link.

The most easy example for a directory listing is the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) itself. It works on the principles stated above. JED allow you to list all the Open Source products for Joomla.

Benefits of Directory listings.

Web directories hire/ take assistance from trained and experienced reviewers who evaluate the submitted links genuinely and then publish them on their online yellow pages.

  • Search engines voraciously consume the information from these web directories as the links over there are already formalized. On any given day, human-reviewed links are far more trustable than the software-reviewed links.

  • A healthy Page Ranked Web directory always attract huge traffic. So, you get direct traffic from the listings on the Web Directory. It can jump start a fresh business.

You can also own a Web Directory and earn from it.

Web Directories are something, like the online option for window shopping where a potential investor can accumulate valuable links and resources at a single place. With PayPlans, directory owners can charge for hosting the listings on their valuable Web Directory.

PayPlans is successfully integrated to the popular Directory listing components in Joomla. Infact these are also some of the powerful Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla.

  1. ZOO
  2. -

    Zoo is one of the most used component in Joomla. PayPlans has a very tight integrations with all of the Zoo elements. One such elements is their Business Directory we are integrated to it also.
    How to integrate ZOO with PayPlans? >>>

  3. SobiPro -

    Another directory listing component in Joomla infact its even tagged Popular in JED. SobiPro’s major usp is that the users can search, filter and view the contents depending on Joomla! user groups.
    How to integrate SobiPro with PayPlans? >>>

  4. Moset Tree -

    The most striking feature of Moset Tree is that, it is used on JED itself to create the listing directory. It has been built with customizability in mind. You can have text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop downs or many other field types in your listing submission form.
    How to integrate Moset Tree with PayPlans?>>>

  5. J Review -

    JReviews is a powerful Joomla directory and reviews component for building media rich reviews sites, business directories, services directories,product catalogs, classifieds and any other application you can imagine.
    How to integrate J Review with PayPlans?>>>

With an echt web directory the possibilities of growth are just endless. You can choose any of the powerful CCK to use with PayPlans and create your own mark in the web world.


Last but not the least a genuine web directory helps a business to build credibility and easily boost their website’s visibility. Attaining it single handedly can be a very typical task requiring quite a technical expertise.

So, if you are capable then you can provide that opportunity for growth to the world and earn back more in the process.

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