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Creating mobile-friendly membership websites with Bootstrap 3 compatible
responsive templates in Joomla has got a lot easier and quicker.

Shyam Sundar Verma , 09 July, 2015

Few months back we had requested our customers to provide their inputs related to new features and enhancements that they would like to have in their beloved subscription management system i.e. PayPlans. We got numerous requests for making PayPlans compatible with Bootstrap 3. In order to offer eCommerce business solution with the latest technology, we decided to upgrade templates of PayPlans to support Bootstrap 3 (BS3). Since BS3 is mobile friendly too, it will be great opportunity for mobile users to try out sites on their handheld devices anytime, anywhere.

Why Template is So Important ?

Template is the face of your site and it is supposed to be attractive and responsive so that you can gain more attentions from customers for your business. At the same time your customers should feel connected to your site and its contents. In current online market there are lot of templates available which are using Bootstrap 3.

Problem with PayPlans and BS3 Template ?

PayPlans supports BS2 in its templates. It was difficult for a new customers who has already paid for a nice template of BS3 to do changes in CSS, templates etc. to make it working fine with PayPlans. Our customers had to do template overriding to overcome issues that they faced because of this template incompatibility.


Before implementing the solution for this problem we gave ample thoughts about how we should go ahead with this as we have certain limitations. After all the mind-boggling meetings and discussions we finally came to a solution i.e. -

  1. Lets make it a step-by-step process. It means we will be providing FrontEnd PayPlans templates compatible with BS3 first. While backend templates will continue be of BS2 compatible.
  2. Since these changes are related to templates only, customer need not upgrade PayPlans again. We have done all the changes using template overriding i.e. all PayPlans frontend templates will be provided as a template override.
  3. Create publically available template overrides over GITHub and PayPlans’ download page for downloading templates.
  4. There are few changes in some apps so you might need to update those apps as well. You can go through the list of apps that needs to be updated on PayPlans support forum.

Have a look on updated BS3 templates of PayPlans :-

Invoice Confirmation Page :-

invoice confirmation page
Invoice Confirmation Page

Dashboard Page :-

dashboard page
Dashboard Page

Dashboard page in Mobile :-

dashboard page in mobile
Dashboard page in Mobile

User Action to be Taken before Upgrading The Templates :-

  1. Please take backup of your existing template override that you have earlier if any.
  2. If you have done any other customization then please do that in these templates as well, You can compare the templates before proceeding to upgrade.
  3. We would recommend to test your upgrades on your test site first before migrating to Live site.

As we did not want to put any burden on the customers, we have provided all these BS3 compatible templates as overrides. Customer just need to copy and paste the templates overrides into their respective template folder and that’s it !!!

Download Bootstrap 3 Powered Template of PayPlans

If you still have any issues with your templates and PayPlans then we are always there to Help/Guide you to resolve it. Please report any problem related to PayPlans at your favorite support forum :)

Download and use the latest PayPlans to work with Bootstrap 3 templates and provide even better experience to your website users. Do leave us a comment to share your feedback. Your inputs are important to us.

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