Small Tweaks in PayPlans to Achieve More - Part 1

Our response to your feedback for improvement of PayPlans.

Shyam Sundar Verma , 24 July, 2015

This week, we released PayPlans 3.3.4 with few enhancements and fixes. We have also addressed few feedback from our customers. Over the few coming weeks, we would be doing this exercise and try to include small modifications/fixes suggested by our customers. These would make PayPlans even better in terms of usability and maintainability. Here is a summary of this release.

Improvements :-

  • Default value of block-non-subscriber in PayPlans configuration has been set to NO :- This setting blocks non subscribed users, so admin gets confused about the user behaviour during site setup. Now, by default it will not block the non-subscribed users. Admin can change this setting as per business need. If will not affect existing installations & upgrades.
  • Hide unwanted information during One Click checkout process :- While using One Click Checkout app, Subscription is created for not_registered user. This dummy user information was causing confusion to end users and admin. Now, we are not displaying this information on invoice confirm screen to avoid any confusion. **Refer support ticket
  • Post purchase redirection URL supports all token rewriting :- Now, we can add any token in Plan redirection link. If user wants to display some dynamic contents, he can easily do that. For Example refer support ticket
  • Remove user group allocation on subscription deletion :- A user’s user group set on subscription expiration in Juser Type app, were not getting removed while deleting a subscription. We have done changes to remove the user from all user group related to that deleted subscription.


  • Quick Registration plugin configuration :- Added two fields i.e. Full Name and Confirm Password in quick registration plugin.These are configurable that means admin have option of whether to display these fields or not while registration.
    Quick Registration Plugin Configuration

Important Fixes:-

  • Automatic discount on upgrades :- Automatic Discount on upgrade was not working. Made changes in both apps (Upgrades, Pro Discount) to fix the issue.
  • Offline app not generating 0 amount transaction :- Due to some code glitch, automatic transaction of 0 amount was not getting generated. We have fixed this issue so that 0 amount transaction will be created automatically.
  • Restriction on blog submission according to plan :- Easy Blog Submission app was not working properly if multiple instance has been created for same plan. Made the fixes in app to work on multiple instances.
  • Expiration date display as per current date :- Subscription expiration date set in Fixed Date Expiration app was not displayed properly on plan subscribe page. Did the changes to display it properly.
  • Fix for extending subscription for life time only for fixed plan(s) :- Earlier life time extension of subscription was not working. We have done changes to extend the subscription for life time. Extension will work only for fixed plan types.

Download PayPlans 3.3.4 Now

Download and use the latest version of PayPlans and let us know your feedback. You may drop a comments or write email to us.

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