We Love Our Customers and They Love Us Back :) - Part 1

Meet PayPlans’ customer Kowshar Ahmed from JoomShaper!

Shyam Sundar Verma , 23 June, 2015

Your full name and a brief introduction?

My name is Kowshar Ahmed I’m the CEO & Founder at JoomShaper. Great fan of open source CMS (including Joomla, Wordpress) and all products made by Apple.

Your organization’s name, website URL, and a brief description

JoomShaper, www.joomshaper.com
We are a web development team focused on open-source Content Management Systems (CMS), especially Joomla! and Wordpress. We create premium Joomla templates and Wordpress themes with QuickStarts and documentation. Lastly we developed SP Page Builder which allows users to easily create advanced custom layouts using built-in wide spectrum of add-ons.

What is your mantra for a successful business?

We believe that our products, especially SP Page Builder, can change the Joomla world and they will help small companies grow, get up and succeed.

For how long you have been using PayPlans and what do you like the most about it?

It will be around 2 and half years since first time we installed PayPlans extension. It’s easy to configure, secure, and Joomshaper customers do not have problems to make orders via it. And because it’s open source we didn’t have problems to make small customizations. We think it’s great software for companies like ours who want to use flexible subscription tool for reasonable price.

How do you use PayPlans in your business? or Which business problem did PayPlans solve for you?

We are using PayPlans for whole Membership system, which allows payments using PayPal account or using their credit cards. What is and was important for us, that extension seamlessly integrate with your existing Joomla 3.4 template. So we didn’t have to use any special theme or make any custom changes to our template to use this plugin.

For sure using this products saved us a lot time and allowed to earn lots of money. So it was a good investment which allowed us to sell Joomla templates and SP Page Builder Pro component in short period of time after installation.

What more do you expect from PayPlans?

Right now hard to say, maybe you should focus much more of code quality and security in near future. We all know that hackers do not sleep.

So far, how had been your experience with Ready Bytes?

We are mostly happy using this product so far, it’s well-supported, easily set up payment subscriptions, a multi-level membership system (including freemium). We are also Joomla developers so in most cases we could solve all our problems by our team, but we always knew that online is a great support team from Ready Bytes ready to help in any case.

How do you foresee the future of our relationship?

We hope that Ready Bytes still will be developing this extension, adding new features and upgrades.

If you would like to share your experience with ReadyBytes products, do let us know. Email us and we’ll get back to you.

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