We Love Our Customers and They Love Us Back :) - Part 2

Meet PayPlans’ Customer Jean-Marc Burri, Vice President, Cupra R Club Switzerland

Shyam Sundar Verma , 08 September, 2015

In continuation to our previous success story, we bring you another one. It feels awesome to know that our products and services could make a difference. Thank you customers, for letting us know your feedback. It matters a lot to our team.

Your full name and a brief introduction

My Name is Jean-Marc Burri, I live in Switzerland a very beautiful country. I use my spare time to promote my club which is about the car brand SEAT, especially the Cupra edition's.

Your organization’s name, website URL, and a brief description

I work as a apple certified macintosh technician for a swiss company. In my spare time I work for the Club "Cupra R Club Switzerland". My position is vice president, it's a big passion of mine. I also love to make Homepage's, started using Joomla about 7 years ago and always used it for making awesome site's like our new Homepage http://www.crcs.ch

What is your mantra for a successful business?

First of all, you need a good product to which you can stand behind. What also is important is advertising, this you can do in many ways but a with satisfied customers you will always win and be recommend. That's why for me it is very important to satisfied all my customers in any situation.

For how long you have been using PayPlans and what do you like the most about it?

I have used a lot of different components but never got very satisfied with them either they are hard to install or just won't work out of the box and also some of the support that is offered is simple said bad. A colleague of mine recommended Payplans so I tried it out. I must say I am using it now for about 6 month and am very happy with it. Its so easy to install and use.

How do you use PayPlans in your business? or Which business problem did PayPlans solve for you?

I use Payplans on my site, so that new members can subscribe to a membership. I had some problems at the beginnings with some outdated templates so I changed that. I also was at that moment occupied with a different client so I asked Ready Bytes to help me setting all up for a small fee. To be honest, I would have paid them much more for the work they have done and delivered. I was really impressed from the level of dedication and support to help me and solve my problem. Other companies could learn a lot from them how to do business.

What more do you expect from PayPlans?

My expectation for Ready Bytes is to hope that they keep up the high level of dedication to their products, because it's incredible how easy it can be to satisfy someone but to keep it that way is always harder. With me they have shown it's possible.

So far, how had been your experience with Ready Bytes?

My experience with Ready Bytes can only be described as unbelievable good. The dedication they give to their customers is what impressed me the most.

How do you foresee the future of our relationship?

I foresee a great relationship in future, could not imagine to change this because it would be really hard to find this kind of dedication and professionalism which Ready Bytes invest in their products and their customer services.

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