Third Party Integration with PayPlans is So Simple

Joomla-User-Type App will help you for easy integration and better access control

Ankit Jain , 05 August, 2015

In any subscription system we want to restrict the access of resources on the basis of subscribed plan. If a user has Premium Plan than we provide more privileges than the one who has Basic Plan. More privilege is directly related to more access. So in such scenario PayPlan Joomla-User-Type App is very useful.

We always say that PayPlans is a versatile subscription system. This also holds valid since different components which provide the restriction on the basis of User Group is easily integrated by Joomla-User-Type App. You can change the user group of the user according to the subscription status.

Third Party Component which we are talking about is Access Manager, JDownloads, Simple File Manager, DOCman and Dropfiles.

How Does Joomla-User-Type App Work ?

You can assign different usertype according to the Subscription Status (Subscription-Active, Subscription-Hold, Subscription-Expired ) For more detail explore the Documentation.

Joomla-User-Type app parameters
Joomla-User-Type app parameters

Different Component Directly Supported by Joomla-User-Type

  1. Access manager : Access-Manager can set front-end viewing rights to multiple access levels / user groups. You can assign different rights of access according to the user-group.

    Access-Manager manages access to:

    • Viewing of content (extending Joomla!'s viewing access)
    • Editing of content (extending Joomla! ACL)
  2. JDownloads : It allows a user to download the specified data when user belongs to a particular user group that is allowed to download that data. So it simply needs some mapping of user to groups and groups should be granted required access for download.

    Explore the documentation How PayPlans and JDownload Integration Works.

  3. Simple File Manager : You can assign documents to a single group or to a Joomla! user making him the only one who can see/download it.
  4. DOCman : DOCman is a document and download management system. DOCman enables you to manage documents in various categories and subcategories. It restrict user to upload, download or edit documents in all categories.

    Explore the documentation How PayPlans DOCman Integration Works.

  5. <li><a href="" target="_blank">Dropfiles</a> : Dropfiles is a powerful and easiest file manager.
        You can apply file restriction access for file administrator and end

Using Payplans Joomla-User-Type App you can achieve many scenarios without doing much coding. Managing different extensions is simple and easy. Not only the above listed components but any component which restrict the resource on the basis of User Group can also be easily integrated with Joomla-User-Type App.

Download and use the latest version of PayPlans and Joomla-User-Type App and let us know your feedback. You may drop a comments or write email to us.

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