How to show Profile Type Selection in multiple column?

Till now the each Profile Type is shown as row by row in Profile Type Selection Page at the time of Registration using JSPT. Now the functionality of showing Profile Types in Column has been added. Through which you can configure your the layout of Profile type Selection page as you want.

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What is new in JSPT 2.1?

Watermark Image Generation

This Feature is completely restructured .You have no need to bother about the watermark. Now the watermark image generation support is added with JSPT 2.1. You just need to enter the text which you want to display as watermark and configure position,size,font and colors of watermark.
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How to create Addons for JSPC

In JSPC 2.0 some addons are already added so that you can make any number of rule on them. But there may be some other addon on which you want to calculate completeness. So here is article, which describes how to create a new Addon. Just follow these steps.
Note:  All addon are stored at  Administrator // components  // com_jspc //  addons location
Lets try to create a plugin, to motivate user to add at least 5 friends.
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What is coming in 2.0

With last 2 months review and user's demand we are propsing significant changes into JomSocial ProfileTypes next major version. The next version will be 2.0, because we are proposing lots of changes in the way system works. I am writing down all expected changes and expect all of you to participate in finalizing the features list.
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Update on the Status of JSPT 1.4

Its the version for which every website administrator running JomSocial dreamed about. "
Paid profile is about to released. It will be a alpha version (means you can start testing the features, but cannot use on live-site). We like to share few details about its usage.
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New Features in JSPT 1.3

With the release of JSPT 1.3, what you will get ???? here are little summary
  1. You will be able to control JomSocial Applications as per Profile Type, see here in detail.
  2. You will be able to use recaptcha during registration ( I will post a separate blog for details)
  3. You can add user to certain group automatically, when join ( as per their profiletypes, obviously)
  4. More control over registration
    1. You can select which Required field should not be presented during Registration, the CB feature which we all miss in JomSocial a lot.
    2. You can hide "Edit Profile Page" second page during Registration
    3. You can hide "Avatar Selection Page" third page during Registration
    4. You can disallow few username/email domain to be registered. It means tight grip over registration.
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Paid Profile Types Integration with JS Profile Types

In last 2 weeks we took community feedback for Paid Profile Types Integration with JS Profile Types. We thanks a lot to all of you, for suggestions. We are eager to implement this feature, but we are still little bit scared from AEC (Account Expiration Control).
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JSPT Application Control as per Profile Types

Application control for profile types, was very demanding feature for Profile Types. This have been implemented and available in JSPT 1.3 release. This feature have been implemented in such a way that it does not depend upon the plugins installed already.
Means you can control any of JomSocial Application, ir-respective of what time they have been installed. So you can add more applications down the line, and still control them.
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Smart Installer

Problem: I am running a cool site with JomSocial 1.1.145 and JomSocial Profile Types 1.1.13. I simply upgrades to JomSocial 1.2.195 and get the latest JSPT 1.2 RC2, and install it without looking into the instruction/warnings attached with products. The condition become more worse when your site is live. and it is worst if you cannot go back to previous working solution.
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Why Price Change ?

We today increased the price for JomSocial Profile Types (also known as Multi Profile Types and JSPT). Obviously a question will be there, Why ?
The inception of JoomlaXi is the need of various hack for users. So we created JSPT which is most desired for a community. So now we targeting to make JSPT the indispensable tool for your community. So we are planning and adding "many features which JomSocial is not planning, but they are necessary for a successful community".
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