Integration with JomSocial: XiUS

JoomlaXi  has just released a new version of their  XiUS component, and surprise, an application for JomSocial is included as well!  As stated in our previous blogOur new innovation is named as Integration with Jomsocial. 
# Feature
  1. XiUS Search menu is available with JomSocial Menu bar.
  2. Search Panel and refined Result window is completely attached with JomSocial application area.
  3. XiUS looks like JomSocial Feature.
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List Management/List Privacy : XiUS

In our last post we presented a brief overview about what’s coming with the new XiUS 2.5 and gave a quick peek inside the new upcoming. In this post we're going to take a closer look at the new user interface of the XiUS administration area and the usability features we included. Here we go...
Brief Introduction of List Management/ List Privacy : XiUS
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Exciting Features in XiUS 2.5

Yes, XiUS 2.5 will  be released soon with much more enhanced functionality and  innovative implementations in our work. XiUS 2.5 â€” an exciting new update will be a step ahead in enhancing our super flexible and generic user search system.  Through this jump in version we want to introduce you with Major changes that will lead to a stable release of JoomlaXi User Search.
In addition to JoomlaXi User Search favorites such as Email to Filtered Users, XiUS Privacy, Range Search, Proximity Search and lot more,  XiUS 2.5 now offers:
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XiUS Privacy

Joomlaxi Team again introduce and implement a new idea in XIUS. The new innovation is named as "XiUS Privacy". It provides a privacy functionality to the Joomla Users with the searching information.
Brief Introduction of XiUS Privacy:
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Email to Filtered Users : XIUS

At JoomlaXi we are constantly implementing new ideas to add in the development process. We're proud to welcome a new innovation- XiUS Email. It is a new functionality in JoomlaXi User Search through which it is possible to send Email to selected users.

Brief Introduction of XiUS Email:
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How to use Proximity Search

The most awaited feature of JoomlaXi User Search ( XIUS ) is implemented and its beta version is released. Beta version is only for testing purpose. Please do not use it directly on your live site. Currently Proximity work only if you are having the following entities.
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Xius Range Search

One of the most awaited feature of JoomlaXi User Search is available with the Stable release. Through range search User can search with a range of input condition.
Currently Rangesearch Supports only Date field. Means Rangesearch can search only through the Date type field. For example -
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JoomlaXi User Search : Beta Release

Last year we released JomSocial User List, which was a successful product in JomSocial Community Solution. As we progressed with the JSUL, we felt that architecture of product does not allow enough flexibility to implement fancy features. We took this opportunity to craft a super flexible and generic user search system, which is named as JoomlaXi User Search (code name XIUS).
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Quick Update : JoomlaXi User Search

This is a quick update on status of JoomlaXi's User Search component. We want to go for a public release as soon as possible, our hard deadline is 21 May. We have been working on
  1. Improving Performance (yes, we are tetsing with 90K users each with 30 fields of information)
  2. Improving User Interface, adding "one textbox searching".
  3. Cleaning Bugs
  4. Doing user interface and unit testing
  5. Moving hardcoded layouts into Modules
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What is new in JSPT 2.2?

Better Performance and API Polishing

The JSPT 2.2 is more better in performance then previous versions of JSPT due to Auto-loading and cache concept. It is also better in API. Two API's have been triggered onBeforeProfiletypeChange and onAfterProfiletypeChange. More triggers are planned, and these will be added before beta release.
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