17 June, 2010

How to use Proximity Search

The most awaited feature of JoomlaXi User Search ( XIUS ) is implemented and its beta version is released. Beta version is only for testing purpose. Please do not use it directly on your live site. Currently Proximity work only if you are having the following entities.
  • You must have a Geocoding table. This table will be used to get Latitude and Longitude of each user according to their address( Country, state, city or Zipcode). The table must contain following columns
    • Country ( Required )
    • State ( Optional )
    • City ( Required in case if Zipcode column is not there )
    • Zipcode ( Required in case if City column is not available in this table )
    • Latitude ( Required )
    • Longitude ( Required )
    • You also need to create information of of following fields so that user can be searched according to given inputs.
      • Country (Required)
      • State ( optional )
      • City ( Required in case if Zipcode information is not there)
      • Zipcode ( Required in case if City information is not available in this table)

    How to Configure Plugin Params

    For this version of Proximity search, you need to configure as follows
    • Select the value I have Geocoding Table in the param named User's Encoding Through.
    • Then set the respective information with respective parameter. For e.g. select City information for City column etc.
    • Give the Geocoding table name and column names in their respective fields.
    • Save the Information.

    <h3 style="color: #135cae; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 15.800000190734863px;">
    How to search</h3>
        For searching users from an particular location. User will be having a
        link in search panel named <strong>Set Location</strong>. By
        clicking over this link, a google map map will appear. User can select
        any location from this map. After selecting the location close the map
        and give the distance, from which user must be searched.

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