16 October, 2009

What is coming in 2.0

With last 2 months review and user's demand we are propsing significant changes into JomSocial ProfileTypes next major version. The next version will be 2.0, because we are proposing lots of changes in the way system works. I am writing down all expected changes and expect all of you to participate in finalizing the features list.

New Features

  1. Seperate administration backend from JomSocial
  2. Mass Messaging as per profiletype
  3. Child profiletypes removed with lots and lots of consideration 
  4. Invisible profiletypes
  5. Profiletype can be edited from backend, JomSocial user manager
  6. Templates will be hack-free : It will help you to use various template without issue
  7. A seperate API will be published, for the events related to profiletypes, thus 3rd party developer can integrate easily.
  8. Global JomSocial configuration can be different for every profiletype. (If user is logged in, then configuration will be used as per his profiletype)
  9. Integrate profiletype during facebook integration.
  10. Few API Events (onProfileTypeUpdate, onProfileFieldLoad, onACLViolation, onConfigurationLoad), you can suggest more.

Important Changes in Features (Please discuss these, if we have removed something critical)

  1. Only JomSocial 1.5+ releases will be supported
  2. No more front-end editing of users
  3. Removal of profiletype display in tooltip
  4. Hacks will be reduced to less than 10 files, i.e. reducing it to 40% of current position.
  5. Disable fields related to those group which don't have permission to that profiletype user who is using it.
  1. Expected First Trial Kit : Alpha Release around 31st October 8 November 2009
  2. Beta Release : 15th November
  3. Stable release : 1st December
Please discuss here your views.

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