How to show Profile Type Selection in multiple column?

Swati Goyal , 18 March, 2010

Till now the each Profile Type is shown as row by row in Profile Type Selection Page at the time of Registration using JSPT. Now the functionality of showing Profile Types in Column has been added. Through which you can configure your the layout of Profile type Selection page as you want.

Profile Type Selection In


How to do this?

Now the question comes that how to do this? You need to change one line of code. You have to change the width of a division which is used to show each Profile Type.
To change the one line of code
#1 : Open the file from the path ---->   Joomla Root / components / com_xipt / assets / style.css
#2 : Change the width of division Div.singlePT at line no 31 to which you want.
#3 : Save the change and check your site.


        <ul><li>This setting will affect all the registration integrated
            with JSPT.</li>

            <li>The version of JSPT should be 2.1.247 or more than it.</li>

            <li>To show the profile type in two column do not change the
            above width to exact 50%. Please leave some % for the margin.
            You can change it to 45% - 47% for better output.</li>

            <li>Similarly for more then two colunm above rule is

            <li>For only one column Profile Type Selection page change the
            width to 50% to 95%.</li>
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