XiUS: Online Users Search

In a social networking website When trying to catch up with a friend, We often want to make sure whether the user is online or not. The Solution to this is XiUS: Online Users Search
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JomSocial Profile Types 3.0 : Beta Release

Hereby, Announcing the release of one of the most demanding and enticing extensions for Joomla/ JomSocial : JSPT 3.0 BETA! . Yes, The JSPT 3.0 BETA is all set to download.You can go straight to the download section and explore it soon. This Advancement in version i.e JSPT 3.0 is all about Compatibility,  Performance Improvement, Screens Refreshed, Complete Refinement. In our previous blog we listed all major changes of the new JSPT 3.0.
We will appreciate active feedback from our customers. Take a test of JSPT 3.0 and let us know with any bugs. Also, Features Requested from you all will be entertained and added in our Road-map.
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Module- XiUS Proximity Search

After the stable release of XiUS, We have been continuously adding features in XiUS to make it more and more Interactive, User-friendly and Flexible. In this blog, Introducing A new Module which provides a New User-Interface for searching through Proximity Search Plugin.
Through this module, It is possible to search keyword and location of users more easily and superfastly. Proximity search is represented with a very compact and effective User-Interface. This unique module is Horizontal in design, we'll be coming soon with verticle module also and lot more features....
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What is New in JSPT 3.0

Yes, JSPT 3.0 will be released soon with Improved Performance, Reduced Complexity, Enhanced functionality and Innovative implementations in our work. JSPT 3.0 â€” an exciting new update will be a step ahead to support all kinds of upgrades with Joomla , JomSocial, AEC. Through this jump in version we want to introduce you with Major changes that will lead to a stable release of JomSocial Profile Types 3.0.
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XiUS Dynamic filtering of XiPT-fields

Imagine Your site has Profile types for model | photographer | makeup artists | hairstylists etc and Each profile type has specific fields for each type. A photographer would search all profile type fields when he needs a model or makeup artists or stylist etc . Meaning all the profile types would search all profile types fields. Making Search Panel look complex and confusing.
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Significance of User-Search in Social Networking (Part-II)

In our previous blog, we looked at how beneficial it is to have a Unique Search Option to find users at our Social Networking websites. JoomlaXi through their enormous efforts developed, The Best solution JoomlaXi User Search(XiUS). XiUS can search users easily through the world of infinite Information. Now let us see how it can be a valuable asset and essential component for a community based website and thus how it helps in making any Social-Networking moreUser-Friendly.
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Significance of User-Search in Social Networking (Part-I)

Today, Search is one of the key ingredients in the Growing community websites / businesses. With increasing number of people joining communities it becomes tiring and cumbersome to hunt for a specific group of Users in thousands and thousands of Users on your website. As It is difficult for you to have enough time to wade through pages and pages of Information. Moreover, For a new User its a disaster to navigate through hell lot of pages.
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JoomlaXi User Search : Stable Release

This blog is update on the Stable Release of our Unique Product XiUS 2.5. JoomlaXi is excited to Announce that XiUS 2.5 is now fully functional and All-Set with its Rich feature-set , Well- built Documentation and Interactive Demo of all the new features. Its all integrated with Modularity , Flexibility , Elegant and Versatile User Interface, Fully  Specialized to superfastly search users and perform complex queries.
We will take a Quick tour on the Advance functionality we implemented in XiUS.
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LinkedIn Template : XiUS

Yes. , As Previously stated JoomlaXi is continuously putting all efforts to provide you with lots and lots of enticing features with JoomlaXi User Search. So Here, Once Again We Introduce a New template - LinkedIn to improve the Overall searching Layout of XiUS.
Brief Introduction of XiUS: LinkedIn Template
You see that our new template is very similar to LinkedIn. This template is all effective to match search layout design  according to individuals Websites. Together with totally different Interface, New Usability, Added Simplicity. Again we'll say There are yet more to come soon....Till then Head over and take a look at the feature list below.
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Multiple Templates: XiUS

JoomlaXi is continuously putting all efforts to provide you with lots and lots of enticing features with JoomlaXi User Search. As Previously said We have Re-studied the complete XiUS and tried to make it more modular, flexible and also extensible with every Aspect in XiUS 2.5 . In this Blog we will take a brief look at whats New with templates in XiUS 2.5. By Introducing varied templates we tried to take XiUS to the next level in design, usability, simplicity and flexibility.
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