JSPT 3.2: Stable Release

From past few weeks, we have been regressively testing JSPT3.2 Beta. Now, We are super excited to announce the most anticipated and stable release of JSPT3.2. JSPT 3.2 release comes with the enhanced functionality requested by customers, fixing performance related bugs. The new version is all about the Customers request, loyalty and faith on the product. We have enclosed major features in this blog.

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JSPT 3.2: Feature List

Jom Social Profile Type 3.1 was all about Compatibility, Performance and Migrations. Now, Customer's requests for new features brings an up-gradation in JSPT. JSPT3.2 - A new updated version will be a step ahead to provide new features to our customers. Through this Blog, we want to introduce you with Major changes that will lead to a stable release of JomSocial Profile Types 3.2.

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JSPT 3.1: Stable Release

Hereby, Announcing the release of one of the most demanding and enticing extensions for Joomla/ JomSocial : JSPT 3.1. Yes, The JSPT 3.1 is all set to download.You can go straight to the download section and explore it soon. This Advancement in version i.e JSPT 3.1 is all about Compatibility with all latest versions, Migrations required with JomSocial to enhance the functionality of JSPT.

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XIUS 2.7 : Stable Released

We are excited to announce that JoomlaXi User Search (XIUS) 2.7 is now available to support your live sites. Yes, XIUS 2.7 stable release has been done. This release will be a great news for all those users who have been waiting for pairing XIUS with Joomla!1.6. XIUS 2.7 is fully compatible with Joomla!1.6. You can easily deploy XIUS2.7 on latest versions of Joomla without any issue.

Whether Upgrade to XIUS 2.7 or remain with XIUS 2.6 ?

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JSPC 3.0 : Beta Released

It's been a long time you didn't get any updates about our profile completeness product named 'JomSocial Profile Completeness' (JSPC). But this time we come up with a good news for our customers of having JSPC with Joomla1.6 compatibility. Yes, it's a matter of great pleasure to announce the compatibility release of JSPC 3.0 beta.
JSPC checks the completeness of your profile from each and every aspect. Many of our users have been thinking of switching onto Joomla!1.6. So now , don't wait anymore, test JSPC 3.0 without any delay and help us in making it stable as soon as possible.

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Compatibility Version of IMPEXP

In the Sequence of Compatibility Releases, Team JoomlaXi introduces one more compatibility version of JoomlaXi Products - JS Import Export(IMPEXP1.6). Through this blog we want to introduce you with major changes that will lead to a stable release of JS Import Export 1.6.

IMPEXP1.6Beta helps you to copy your web-site's users related content to Joomla!1.6 websites and vice-versa. JS Import Export Plugin provides a one click solution for many tedious processes like handling user database, copy user's Joomla and JomSocial fields, Joomla group mapping.

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XiUS Updates Since Last Release

After the stable release of XiUS 2.6, Team JoomlaXi continuously adding features and fixing little issues in XiUS to make it more and more Expressive, User-friendly and Compatible with latest Joomla and JomSocial versions. In this blog, We are taking a tour of the working from XiUS2.6 stable version to XiUS2.7 release.

So take a quick glance at.........

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JSPT 3.1 beta release

Your commendable response to JSPT3.0 brings an upgradation in JSPT. Joomlaxi is proud to announce the beta release of JSPT3.1.It is intended to be used for evaluation purposes only.
JSPT3.1 is featured with more enhanced functionalities and allows you to move ahead with upgraded version of Joomla and JomSocial. With the release of JSPT3.1, site administrator will have more access control over users in respect of viewing and managing contents.

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JomSocial Import Export Plugin

JoomlaXi is constantly on the way of offering new and exciting ideas through its products in the development field, so here we are introducing our new robust addon for joomla and Jomsocial, named "JomSocial User Import Export" plugin.
JomSocial User Import Export is a simple and easy to use plugin for Joomla! 1.5 that allows you to export or import user details out of  or into your website in CSV format.

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