JSPT Compatibility with JomSocial 3.X and Joomla 3.X Series

Vivek Singh , 04 July, 2013


Jomsocial has been improved and changed a lot in its upcoming 3.x series
which take couple of months with very fine tuning to make this community
product more robust and stable.

JSPT work as a 3rd party developer for Jomsocial and to make it work
smoothly, it too required compatibility changes.

Current version of JSPT 3.6 is not compatible with Joomla 3.1 series and

Jomsocial 3 series.<br/>
It works with Joomla 2.5 and Jomsocial 2.8 series<br/><br/><a id="more" name="more"/>Features and Challenges for JSPT :-<br/><br/>
  1. Make compatible to Joomla 3.x series 
  2.     <li>Make compatible to Jomsocial 3.x series </li>
    Now the easiest option is to provide some tweaks and make it compatible
    with both of the above but which will not help in long term process. And
    the alternate is restructure JSPT from scratch, as the code is almost 3
    years old and it has lots of legacy code.<br/><br/>
    # So, we have decided to restructure JSPT code from scratch and remove all
    legacy codes and develop it on top of <a href="https://github.com/readybytes/rbframework">RB Framework</a> to make it
    more robust which help in long term scenario and this is the best time when
    we can do it.<br/><br/>
    Since all of the customers need to undergo with below mention things :-<br/><br/><ol style="text-align: left;"><li>Switch there sites to Joomla 3 series</li>
        <li>Then there Jomsocial version to 3 series </li>
        <li>And then finally there Jspt version compatible to both of
        them. </li>
    # So overall you need to switch and handle these 3 big tasks.<br/>
    So tweak isn't work for you.<br/>
    And we want that things will get more simplify with this series.<br/><br/>
    # So we are restructuring JSPT and it will take some time.<br/>
    We are very thankful for your support.
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