25 September, 2013

Stable Release of JS Addon Pack : Save $ 67 Flat

Grab the economical bundle & get compatibility with Joomla 3 and Jomsocial 3.1.
Today's JS Addon release for Jomsocial offers our broad community of JoomlaXians an exciting look at the newest stable release in the JoomlaXi family, designed and coded for Jomsocial's latest release as well as Joomla's 3.x. 

Save $ 67 Flat, with the pack's purchase. 

JS Addons is the only economical way to achieve the most from your Jomsocial-Networking site.

JS Addon Pack is the collection of 4 different components from JoomlaXi, namely -

  • JomSocial Profile Types (JSPT): It extends JomSocial with Multiple Profile Types functionality. It allows the users to be categorized into different profile types.

  • JoomlaXi User Search (XIUS): XiUS is a combination of Component, Plug-ins and Module. XiUS is flexible enough to make any information about users searchable.

  • JomSocial User Import Export (IMPEXP): This plugin is used to Import as well as Export Joomla and JomSocial fields to the .CSV format.

  • JomSocial Profile Completeness (JSPC): The JoomlaXi's Profile Completeness (JSPC) is going to be a killer feature for your JomSocial based website. This addon shows the user's profile completeness on their profile page and also guide users to complete their profile accurately.

The products are also available for
separate purchases, but if you are keen for a well built and functionality rich community site then look no further just go for the Addons Pack ! It will save you the hassle to purchase separately as well as a sum of $ 67. 

Specific changes in this Stable release. 

This stable release will allow you the compatibility to the latest Jomsocial 3.x as well as Joomla 3.1.x series too. So, enjoying the latest features in Jomsocial with JS Addons will now be possible ☺.

Well, a single point to be noted in this latest stable release is that XIUS, IMPEXP and JSPC are compatible with the earlier versions of Joomla and Jomsocial. But, the latest JSPT is only made compatible with the last version of Jomsocial. 

Many bug fixes and code commits have also been performed with this release. It can be clearly seen in the change logs.

    <h3>All under one roof: Ready Bytes Software labs.</h3>

    Yes, we made an announcement earlier. You may also read the <a href="http://www.jpayplans.com/blog/item/we-are-team-ready-bytes.html" target="_blank">blog describing our strategy</a>. But in case you do
    not feel like reading more I would like to state that we have achieved
    an understanding to unify our branding stance. For that we will be
    combining all our products in JoomlaXi and <span>PayPlans</span> under
    our company name <strong><em><span>"Ready Bytes Software Labs Pvt

    Rest we will be same as earlier serving to your requirements ☺.  

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