More Access Controls for JomSocial community in JSPT 4.0.14

Explore new powerful ACLs for your community

Shakuntala Sharma , 24 September, 2014

For community based sites, access control plays a vital role. Access controls are used to provide access or restrict content / features as per profile types. It means only specific roles users can access special part of your site.

With some newly introduced features in JomSocial 3.2, we are here with some demanding Access control rules in JomSocial Profile Types (Jspt).

  1. Can not Ignore User- This release has a new feature to Ignore streams from specific users in their activity stream. By default, all users can block another user and then the activities don't show on the activity stream.

    can not ignore user
    Can not Ignore User

    With this ACL you can provide power to specific ProfileType to use this new feature to filter their activity stream.

  2. Can not view Detailed Photos - It’s a very old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. So if people are king in Community site, then photos are emperor, even consider above to the king.

    only allow to see a thumbnail
    Can not view Detailed Photos

    To provide limited access to your emperor (photos) you can use this ACL, which will only allow to see a thumbnail of the album and not the detailed photos.

  3. Can not view Group Discussion - Community site is important for many reasons, but the most important is the interaction of people online. And the most common form to communicate is a group discussion where members can place advice, collaborate or post comments on the discussion which makes group discussion as most demanding feature.

    can not view group discussion
    Can not view Group Discussion
  4. Now, you have the power to not only restrict users from creating the discussions, but also apply restrictions on viewing the group discussions.

    Access Controls + Profiletype + Community = Jspt Community

    restrictions on viewing
    Restrictions on viewing

    It’s time to Boost your Jomsocial based community site with your one of the favourite extension JSPT.

    Stay Tune with us - Sayonara :)

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