Dream comes true by taking a U turn on our decision :)

Beautiful experience to make all our JS-Addons compatible with JomSocial 4.x series

Rimjhim Jain , 07 May, 2015

When we came to know that some big changes are coming to JomSocial product with the announcement of JomSocial 4 series, we had decided to drop support of JS Addons developed by Ready Bytes with JomSocial 4. But based on the feedback from our valuable customers, we took a U turn on our earlier decision. Today, with great support provided by JomSocial Team, we have added compatibility with JomSocial 4 to all our JS-Addons. We are also planning to add new features to JS-Addons and very soon we will send a survey to our customers to take their inputs regarding this.

What’s New in JSPT

  1. No more hacks to run JSPT - You all must be aware of the pain of running JSPT by hacking the JomSocial files. It also gets difficult since you do not get full control on the product. This has been fixed in JomSocial 4 and from now onwards, one of the most demanded and desired JomSocial extension - JSPT, doesn’t require any more hack.
  2. Get Additional Triggers - We are happy to get some required triggers to provide a hackless smooth JSPT product. User can now crop avatar without having to worry about losing watermark.
  3. Enhanced ACL Features - JSPT now provides more flexibility to some of the ACL rules. E.g. enhanced functionality to make admin choice to consider replies countable or not in write message ACL, additionally added option to like/dislike in any comment status.
  4. Fixes in ACL - All ACL get compatible with latest JS 4 series, some known issues get fixed like force to upload avatar, and privacy issue in profile or home status screen.

What’s Next in ReadyBytes’ JS-Addons

  1. Bootstrap compatibility - We will add bootstrap compatibility soon to improve front end development. This will also make your community more use-friendly with seamless access on all devices of different screen size.
  2. Amazon S3 supports - We’ll include Amazon S3 support in our future release and this will make your community faster by storing your JomSocial data remotely on Amazon S3 as per profile type.
  3. Future Features Survey - Dear JSPT users, we want to know what you think about future enhancement of JSPT! So prepare yourself on what you love, what you hate and what you want to see more in Jspt. By the end of Month, we will send you a survey to get all your valuable inputs for future development of JSPT.

Thanks to Our Lovely Customers & JomSocial Team!

We are very thankful to our customers who guided us through their inputs to take a U turn and come on the right track. We would also like to thank JomSocial team who took lots of pain and tried to make integration process smooth and easy.

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