Upgrading to JomSocial 4? We too :)

JSPC, XIUS and Imp-Exp are already JS 4 compatible; JSPT is next!

Gaurav Jain , 20 April, 2015

As, we had promised about making our JS-Addons suite compatible, we are working on it. JomSocial has also announced release 4.0 and we are working with them on close quarters for compatibility of all JS-Addons viz. JomSocial Profile Complete (JSPC), JomSocial Import-Export (Imp-Exp), JomSocial User Search (XIUS) and JomSocial Profile Type (JSPT).

We are already more than half way through this process. JSPC, Imp-Exp and XIUS are already marked as JomSocial 4 compatible by our team. We’ll complete this process by end of April 15 after making JSPT also JS 4 compatible.

Please download the latest versions of JS-Addons from our site. In case you face any issue with these, do let us know and we’ll help you out.

Download JSPC Download XIUS Download Imp-Exp Download JSPT(Coming soon)

Stay tuned for next update on JS-Addons!

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