Different Types of Payment Gateways in E-Commerce

How to choose best payment gateway for your online business ?

Now, Online business is like a common man tea but to make it special you should have a deep professional knowledge for choosing best payment gateways for your business.

With having experience of developing 35+ payment gateways, we would like to share our knowledge which help you to understand workflow of different types of payment gateways.

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Important Security Updates From Ready Bytes

Direction for the fixes in PayPlans, PayInvoice and JXiForms.

Apart from the bug fixes, recently our testing team has discovered a major security issue in our Frameworks which acts as the basis for three of our major products namely PayPlans, PayInvoice & JXi Forms. So, a major security fix has been released for the trio product.

Need for the urgent security release?

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JoomlaXi to Ready Bytes : Mission Migration Completed

Achieved the umbrella branding status

We are back with a bang. Since quite a time we were announcing about the merger of JoomlaXi.com under our brand name Ready Bytes.net. Now the hour has arrived and we have shifted every bit of JoomlaXi under our umbrella brand Ready Bytes Software Labs.

Every bit has been painted in the colors of Ready Bytes after the successful migration process. Now all our friends, users and visitors can access everything under the single roof.

The new changes on Ready Bytes

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Ready Bytes ❤ Joomla Day Brazil 2014

Team Ready Bytes is extremely honoured to contribute in the upcoming Joomla Day event which is going to take place in the most happening city of Sao Paulo situated in Brazil.

We are excited as hell as it has been quite a time since we contributed to our Joomla family. We have started our new financial year with the motive to give, which we will continue in one or the another form throughout the year.

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Final Step In Our Brand Unification.

Merging JoomlaXi.com To ReadyBytes.Net

If you remembered, last year in the month of September we started a grand mission to unify our products under our umbrella brand Ready Bytes.

This blog is to inform our friends and users about the final major step in the continuation of that mission.

A brief recap...

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Ready Bytes Software Labs : Quarter 3 Roadmap

The company roadmap from October - December 2013

The 3rd quarter of Ready Bytes is on its flow from the month of October 2013 and we are back again with an overview of our upcoming achievements in this Quarter.

This roadmap will guide you with our vision for the products as well as the steps needed to be taken in achieving the unified branding.

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