10 October, 2013

Ready Bytes Software Labs : Quarter 3 Roadmap

The company roadmap from October - December 2013

The 3rd quarter of Ready Bytes is on its flow from the month of October 2013 and we are back again with an overview of our upcoming achievements in this Quarter.

This roadmap will guide you with our vision for the products as well as the steps needed to be taken in achieving the unified branding.

All our products will have a brand new “APP-STORE”.

We strongly believe that the power, versatility and simplicity in products come due to the modular approach in the product development process.

What is a Modular Approach?

If you look closely, our stand-alone products (without any app) are always basic in nature. BUT, if you need a specific functionality then the only thing needed to do is install the required app related to the feature. This is the modular approach in development. This approach adds to the light-weightedness of the components on an individual’s website.

“But, with the modularity approach, the proper management of Apps becomes very necessary.”

It should be very easy as well as intuitive for a user to sort-out his required Apps or know which App has an available update. Also it should be easily installable/ uninstallable in the flow.

In the event to simplify the process of App management we will be developing an intuitive solution termed as “APP-STORE”. Currently we use App Manager which will be replaced by the higher quality App-Store.

A glimpse of Appstore Backend

As shown above the App Store will also be having an add to cart feature which will allow you to batch process the third party purchases. App-store will be completely compatible to PayPlans, PayInvoice and JoomlaXi Forms.

Estimated Release Date of Apps-Store: End of October 2013 for PayInvoice

Latest on upcoming PayPlans.

Apart from the Apps-Store I described above PayPlans will also be having few new awaited enhancements this fall.

  1. Improvement in the installation process:

    Well I would like to apologize to you. As this improvement in the installation flow was decided in our earlier Roadmap, but due to certain quick development schedules, we had to postpone it earlier. In this quarter we will be ajaxifying the installation process for fast loading and time saving while setting up PayPlans’ for the first time.

  2. In-page-analytics :

    Analytics on Plan Creation Page

    Yes, we will be providing in page analytics for each and every plan created in PayPlans. The above picture shows a glimpse of what it will be.

    Earlier, after creating a plan to get its statistical details, one needed to go to the subscription page and select filters as per choice and then count. Now, those days will be gone with this upgrade. Each plan will show its performance tracking beside itself. The green color shows the Subscriptions in Active state, whereas the red notifies of the expired subscription. This will allow you a quick understanding of the prices (as per plans) that work in your market area.

  3. New Featured Apps :

    This quarter will also be marked with two new featured apps.

    • Gift App :
      As the name itself suggests this interesting App will allow you to provide subscription as a gift to your friend. You may compare the phenomena to the gift voucher in which you will be able to gift subscription to your dear ones.

    • Referral App :
      This app was demanded many times by our users. Simply stating it will be a mini affiliate app. In which your subscribers will get certain discount (as per your choice), if the subscriber refers your site’s subscription to few of his friends and it leads to an actual financial conversion.

  4. Estimated Time of Release: End of November 2013

    PayInvoice’s Rollover

    The simplest invoicing system in Joomla - “PayInvoice” will see new unit test cases being written in this Quarter. As we always aspire to deliver the best bug free solution to you. Main concentration will be on proper test case executions. Apart from this, two separate stable releases have been placed in the quiver for this season.

    1. Compatibility with Apps-Store :
      PayInvoice will be the first in our product line to gain compatibility with the versatile Apps Store I explained above.

    2. Estimated Time of Release : End of October 2013

    3. New Payment Gateways :
      PayInvoice will be upgraded with integrations to 8 different payment gateways. Now the invoicing reach of a PayInvoice user will be incremented by the following gateways:

    4. PDF invoices in Mails :
      In our last quarter exporting invoices in PDF format for accounting purpose was made possible. But now onwards while sending an invoice via E-Mail the PDF copy will be attached automatically no more manual attaching will be needed.

    Estimated Time of Release: End of Dec 2013

    JoomlaXi Forms: A unique data management tool.

    JoomlaXi Forms is an advanced forms system for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. It allows to perform different actions on the submitted data. Some of the action like :-

  • Email the submitted data,
  • Insert the data values in the database,
  • Execute some code after form submission,
  • Post data to some other url,
  • Interface to visualize the content,
  • Export the data,
  • SMS notifications

JoomlaXi Forms allow you manipulation access to the sprinkled information in the forms mapping all the sites under your command, that too from the ease of a single control point. Meaning, you can create forms anywhere you want and manage all of them on a single website where this extension is installed.

As our next step in the unified branding strategy JoomlaXi Forms will also be moved to www.jpayplans.com. New release of JoomlaXi Forms will be consisting of flow change for better understanding of this extension.

Estimated Time of Release : End of Dec 2013

PayCart is near.

Did you remember PayCart? PayCart is an online shopping cart system for Joomla. Basically Paycart will be launched full fledged with proper User Interface in the next Quarter. In this Quarter -

  • PayCart’s teaser page will be available on site. (Coming soon /Introduction Page)
  • Initial Functionality task will be done with test-cases.(Unit testing & system testing
  • More mock-ups for UI will be available.

Ready Bytes Software Labs joining Heads.

In the end I would request you to keep your patience just a bit longer ☺. As I wish to announce that all the free products from PayPlans as well as JoomlaXi have been unified under a single link named “LABS”. Also, allow me to tell you that as per our Unification strategy we have already obtained a new domain www.readybytes.net and as you can see its fully functional. Even purchases can be done here without any fear. All the data will be redirected to our existing PayPlans site. Later on we will be improvising on the look and feel, but for now it will be.

Thank You for staying in touch with us.

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