13 September, 2013

We Are Team Ready Bytes

PayPlans, PayInvoice & JoomlaXi all are a part of Ready Bytes Software Labs.

"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."

J.K. Rowling

Does this thought resonate with you ? Just try having a thought that you have a family very dear to you and due to any circumstance you all are not able to stay together under one roof. How will you facilitate the proper care needed for each and every dear member, in your hectic schedule ?

Isn’t the situation very scary and emotional breaking, when you are aware that you cannot be available all the time when your loved ones need you the most ?

Yes, this is the current mental thought that we wish to overcome with all our products and their brands. We are willing to merge all our products (Payplans, PayInvoice, JoomlaXi forms & JoomlaXi.com) under one roof which is Ready Bytes Software Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Well I believe many of our friends and users are aware that we are basically "Team Ready Bytes". All the products, ideas and support are germinated in Ready Bytes by the dedicated minds working round the clock.

Why didn’t we introduce Ready Bytes at our beginning ?

Please excuse my prejudice if I am wrong in assuming, this will be the first question popping into the minds generally.

Well to know the reason behind let us dive together, briefly into our past - Let's go back a while in the year 2008. Before there were any team Ready Bytes there was one person, our future CEO Mr. Shyam Sunder Verma and he started his first work in Joomla by optimizing Jomsocial as per the community's need.

This venture resulted in the formation of our first Joomla portal www.joomlaxi.com. After that the trio team was planning to venture out in a new e-commerce domain which would result in the rising of PayPlans and it was then that the need for a roof brand was felt. Hence, basically speaking Ready Bytes was developed after the launch of JoomlaXi. So, a single roof domain structure could not be attained that time.

Need for the unification now ?

I am not saying that from tomorrow onward, only Ready Bytes will exist. It will be a gradual process and I am taking the liberty to inform all our friends for this initiation step. In fact it has been a long time back dream of ours that will be gradually processed.

We will do so because:

  • Ready Bytes is more than PayPlans or JoomlaXi - Ready Bytes is a pool of ideas.
  • We want to remove any confusions for our users and clients.
  • We want to resurface our centralized branding.
  • New upcoming products will be launched under a single banner "Ready Bytes Software Labs Pvt. Ltd".
  • Managing multiple brands isolatedly becomes a very typical task.
  • With a single website, managing the web security will become far more efficient.
  • SEO ratings will be far more superior than the present, and facilitate in quick search.
  • In future this unified approach will allow a proper centralized access and information maintenance.

How will the unification take place ?

As I mentioned that this is not an overnight process. We will initiate the steps very gradually, for a start

  • We will begin to send our Emails and Newsletters by the name of our company not product.
  • Product policies will become the company policy.
  • Then all the products will be powered by Ready Bytes.
  • After some time all the separate website branding will be shifted to a singular domain of Ready Bytes.
  • Documentations will be categorized as per the products and their versions. It will further facilitate in a very intuitive searching for documents and manuals.

How will this prove useful to our existing users ?

We have chalked out the processes and flows that a user will face on a new site. In fact further research & development is in progress and I will keep placing them before you as the decisions get ripened.

Few things that will always be kept in mind while resurfacing Ready Bytes:

  • The design should be intuitive and easy to communicate the idea of where to find a related stuff.
  • It should be very easy for a user to get cross-product support.
  • Centralize access to everything we can offer.

So, next time you happen to come across our Ready Bytes’ logo please do not be surprised. We are preparing to serve you bigger and better, with more products and services in store. Also we will be honored if you let us know what you think of our plan.

We will be honored if you wish to participate with us and let us know your unique ideas.

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