15 January, 2014

4th Quarterly Roadmap of Ready Bytes

The company roadmap from January - March 2014

A very Happy New Year to you & your loved ones. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the New year celebration to your fullest. We also shaked some legs and enjoyed the arrival of the grand new year with enthusiasm.

After bidding a cheerful cheers to the new year we have again settled down with dedication and determination towards our love and passion i.e “writing codes, helping n developing ” ☺. The final quarter of our Indian financial year had already started at the beginning of this new year.

So, here we are with our final Quarter report for this financial year.

What we have in store ?

Lets take into account each of our products one by one.

JoomlaXi Forms (Form management Tool) -

We have finalised certain features that we are to work on in this quarter and release in the next one.

  • Easy form building : It will facilitate you to create form without any necessity to remember html syntax and other constraints.
  • Spam protection : Regular data analysis to identify the behaviour of the submitted data so as to minimize spam. To be noted that this feature will not create any hindrance in the fast processing of the tool.
  • Field Data Validation : Javascript client side validation on the form will be applied.
  • Access control : Allows you to incorporate some restrictions on user, based on their user-group or other access levels.
  • Combining screens of action and form : Eliminate the confusion whether to create form first or the action. A single screen to manage and configure a form easily.
  • Data display and Reporting : It will include the centralized display of user submitted data. Currently data display is available under the queue section which is unavailable for analysis purpose.

Estimated release date: Start of our next Quarter.


Being one of our dream project we are designing the shopping cart system with utmost care while leaving no stone unturned.

Workflow we are working on :

In PayCart everything will start with product creation. If you need a special category then just create a new one instantly, even if you need an extra attributes (fields) or any stuff then it will be creatable instantly with the product.

In this quarter we have estimated a release of a developer/ alpha edition by the end of February 2014. It will not be functionality rich but allow you to get a glimpse of what is to come.

Estimated release date: March 2014 (Alpha version).

JoomlaXi products (JSPT / XIUS / JSPC)

JomSocial Profile Type (JSPT), JoomlaXi User Search (XIUS) and JomSocial Profile Completeness are Jomsocial dependent addons that work in sync with Jomsocial to improve the performance of your social site. The current released version of above products are compatible with jomsocial 3.1 and Joomla 3.2.

We have decided to carry on its development process completely in sync to the Jomsocial releases. Our task list will include -

  • Decide on the basis of Response received on below mention Roadmap Form (Submit your idea)
  • Dropout the legacy code.

Estimated release date: By the end of March 2014.


Last quarter saw the successful integration of the fresh new app store in PayInvoice (at our end). Let me tell you something, this app store is borrowed from the PayCart’s development process and it’s only a very small portion that we implemented in PayInvoice. Rest is yet to come.

Apart from this few of the features are still remaining from the last quarter. We are determined to complete them in this quarter.

  • Payment Gateways implementation :
    Moneybookers, 2checkout, Payza, Ccbill and few other payment gateways will be integrated in PayInvoice this quarter.
  • PDF invoices in Mails :
    Exporting invoices in PDF format for accounting purpose is already present In PayInvoice but now onwards while sending an invoice via E-Mail the PDF copy will be attached automatically no more manual attaching will be needed.

Estimated release date: Mid of March 2014.


At last the main champion of our product range ☺ ‘ The PayPlans ‘. PayPlans is the main reason we are over here today. While developing PayPlans since 2010 we got to learn vast aspects in e commerce developments and we are still learning till date. This learning attitude has always helped us in developing our products.

So, this quarter we wish to dedicate the development process of PayPlans to our grand users. We will develop what you want us to in PayPlans. For this just click on the button below and submit the wishes there. We will pick up your ideas and generate a list of most demanded features by the end of this month and start to work on your wishes.

Also, wishlist for other products can also be submitted here, no bar at all. Just specify the product name for which the feature is requested.

Our Brand Unification Status.

Last year in the month of September we announced an unification under our umbrella brand Ready Bytes. A lot has been achieved after shifting domains from www.jpayplans.com to www.readybytes.net, you may have a look -

The complete site restructuring was done with a singular viewpoint to achieve a unified branding. We can say that we have achieved 70% of the target. The remaining parts are combining the Jomsocial Addons and JoomlaXi Forms in Ready Bytes.

We personally feel that handling two different websites can be a lot in plate. One of the website suffers and we will never wish so for our clients. So, in this quarter we will be migrating the JoomlaXi Forms to our unified domain.

This is all for the last Quarter of the Financial Year 2013-2014.

Thank You for the cooperation.

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