07 May, 2014

JoomlaXi to Ready Bytes : Mission Migration Completed

Achieved the umbrella branding status

We are back with a bang. Since quite a time we were announcing about the merger of JoomlaXi.com under our brand name Ready Bytes.net. Now the hour has arrived and we have shifted every bit of JoomlaXi under our umbrella brand Ready Bytes Software Labs.

Every bit has been painted in the colors of Ready Bytes after the successful migration process. Now all our friends, users and visitors can access everything under the single roof.

The new changes on Ready Bytes

New Jomsocial’s addons page

The above image shows the main home page for all the JS addons. We have migrated complete database of the following products from JoomlaXi -

  1. JS Profile Type
  2. JS Profile Completeness
  3. JS User Search
  4. JS Import- Export
  5. Jxi Forms
  6. Joomlaxi Support forum

Now, all the documentations, support forums and product downloads will be available under the unified branding of www.readybytes.net.

General Guidelines for our users -

We request you to go through the steps below to start accessing your accounts on Ready Bytes without any trouble. You can choose the best related scenario for you, from the ones mentioned below :

  1. I don’t have an account on Ready Bytes:
    Just login with your JoomlaXi’s registered email ID and password.

  2. I have accounts on JoomlaXi as well as Ready Bytes (with same email IDs):
    In this case just log in with your Ready Bytes’ email id and password.

  3. I have accounts on JoomlaXi and Ready Bytes (with different email IDs):
    In this scenario you will have to access your JoomlaXi’s account by using JoomlaXi’s email id/ password and Ready Bytes account by using the Ready Bytes’ credentials.

We have taken utmost care as well as precautions while migrating all of our user’s database to Ready Bytes. The possibility of any error space is unavailable, but in case you still face any trouble while trying to login your account, please allow us to help you out.

Why we merged our brands?

We create products based on the e-commerce(PayPlans, PayInvoice & PayCart), Social Community (JS- Addons) and form management (JXi Forums) domains. Earlier each of the domains had there unique branding, but believe us, our personal experiences while maintaining separate websites were not a very sweet one-

  • Separate websites always obstructed in the way of smooth development.
  • With separate websites the security checks needed to be repetitive.
  • People using more that one of our products needed to circle between our separate websites.
  • Separate websites also stands for split SEO rankings.

A call for help -

As already discussed in our pre migration blog, we had chalked out a guiding task list and worked strictly according to it. Leaving no stone unturned. We tried our very best to reach out all the corners and achieve an error free transition; the end result is before you.

We humbly request our friends to please let us know if they face any trouble, anywhere on the website. We will attend to it and sort it out quickly. Also, please let us know your thoughts about the likes and dislikes, on the new website’s flow and design.

As our users and friends, your thoughts and feelings always act as our motivators.

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