28 March, 2014

Final Step In Our Brand Unification.

Merging JoomlaXi.com To ReadyBytes.Net

If you remembered, last year in the month of September we started a grand mission to unify our products under our umbrella brand Ready Bytes.

This blog is to inform our friends and users about the final major step in the continuation of that mission.

A brief recap...

Following the events of our decision to merge all our products under one single roof, we completed few of the major tasks to get things rolling smooth. Lets count them on our finger tips

  1. Got an unified domain - Earlier we were managing three separate domains at the same time

    1. Our company website ReadyBytes.in
    2. E Commerce domain i.e jPayPlans.com
    3. JomSocial Addons which is JoomlaXi.com
    Does it look hectic to manage? Yes, it was for us. Managing the secure payment as well as the user details on all the three websites at once was back breaking task. So, the very first thing to do was to get a singular domain to manage all the three websites from a single point of control.

    We got ourselves a new domain after the brand name readybytes.net Our old website jpayplans.com was moved to the new domain. Last december we also merged the domain readybytes.in to the new domain.
  2. Tweaked our server hostings - Proper server management is the key stone to an extremely fast website. We had known this from our initial days.

    At the start of this year we had shared the specs that we took into consideration for Improving the speed of a Joomla based website. The post contains all the minute specifications and the settings, we performed to achieve the best of the best.
  3. Merged the blogs - Earlier we used to blog on each of the separate domains independently. Infact we even used tools such as google blogger to help us out.

    With the advent of the single domain we created our own personal blogging platform for better performance and lovingly called it as “Ugly- Blogs”. This component was developed under our Ugly series, currently for our personal use only.
    Blog categories in Ugly-Blog component
    Blog categories in Ugly-Blog component
  4. Content migration - joomlaxi.com is a full fleged website with the product categories, it’s documentations and contents.

    We have already migrated the documents as well as rewritten most of the contents available on the website it’s tested on the stage sites and just waiting to be published.

With all the things done in the past few months we are still left with some important portions of the puzzle. Let me place those points before you which are still preventing us from completing the Mission Website Restructuring ☺.

What’s next?

Ready Bytes Homepage Header
Ready Bytes Homepage Header

The above image shows the upcoming top header from the Ready Bytes Software Lab’s homepage. It displays all the paid as well as free products currently available at our end.

And our final step will be to add all the JoomlaXi products also known as the JS addons in the above queue.

It means we will be migrating the data available on the JoomlaXi to Ready Bytes. To achieve this feat we have created the minimalistic guide list as follows -

  1. Redesign new product pages - New pages for all the 4 JoomlaXi products will be designed considering the existing flow of the website. It will allow us to efficiently showcase the products.

  2. Checkout for the extra accounts - Before migrating the existing users of JoomlaXi to Ready Bytes we will need to clean all the data. We are in the cleaning process and have come across 19,000 extra users.

  3. Checkout the duplicate accounts - We have many common users for PayPlans as well as JoomlaXi and obviously they have created accounts at both the ends.

    The tricky part being, most of those accounts have same usernames. So, while migrating those accounts to Ready Bytes we will need to carefully merge the accounts without any error.

  4. Migrate the user data - Once the data cleaning has been achieved we will migrate all the user data from one site to another. For this specific need we are very excited to self employing one of our product "Import Export".

  5. Migrate the subscription data - Tested custom scripts are already written to migrate the subscription details from joomlaXi. We will be migrating the last 5 years subscription details to ensure a safe landing for all.

  6. Migrate all the support forums - No data at our end will be lost once the JoomlaXi is merged with Ready Bytes. Earlier we had a plan to redirect the support forms but it was not a healthy decision concerning the future aspects.

    So, we have decided to migrate all the kunena (support) forums to Ready Bytes itself. The informations will be available on the new website.

  7. Labs, home to our free products - All the free to download products in the Labs section will be shifted under the menu of Ready Bytes. It will allow the main header to remain clutter free and easy to navigate.

    Labs section under the Ready Bytes menu
    Labs section under the Ready Bytes menu

All the above mentioned tasks will be quite an effort consuming one, but once they have been achieved successfully we and our users will be living happily ever after that ☺.

Impact on our users.

We are near end of the restructuring phase of our website and we are doing it step by step to ensure a smooth transition. I strongly believe that our users will definitely feel the benefits after we are done migrating. Though some important points are also there to be noted -

  1. After the migration of joomlaxi.com it will be permanently redirected to readybytes.net. The users will need to use their email/password to login.

  2. If users have accounts with identical email Ids on both the websites then no need to worry. The user may use their readybytes.net credentials for accessing the account.

  3. If the login Ids are not same on both the websites the user will need to maintain 2 accounts to access the specific account.

  4. We will contact the users personally and intimidate them if any change is eminent in their login details.

  5. The social media for JoomlaXi will be merged to Ready Bytes social media accounts -

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Google Plus
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Youtube
  6. If a user faces any issue with the login credentials even after following the steps above we request them to contact our team.

With this migrations achieved successfully we will have completed our phase for the brand unification. It will surely benefit our friends in getting all the required details under a single roof.

So, concluding my post I wish to let you know that by the month of April 2014 we will be live with JS Addons (JoomlaXi) on www.readybytes.net.

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